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faded lights.

faded lights.

Member since June 1st, 2008



Hmm.... well Im a huge MyChem addict; Ive been with them for about three years and they are my favorite band. I got to see them live for my first time on April 15th 2008. Very Happy

Im your typical teenage girl.. I recently dyed my hair blue, and I can say I absolutely love it.

Probably like a vast majority of others on here music is my life. Some other bands I love include Metallica, Pennywise, Billy Talent, NoFX, Drive By, Black Sabbath, Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, Aiden, Megadeth, The Used, Ozzy, Blind Melon...etc. Pretty much any Thrash/Metal, Punk or Rock.

Im a major band geek. This year will be my first to march and Im completely stoked!

My life is consumed by music and the internet and I dont get out that much.

One thing you should know about me-- I am not emo, punk, preppy or whatever stereo-types people have made up these days; I am just me, Keely.

So its 11:07 at night so Im going to finish this later abd browse around here before I get to bed.


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