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Member since June 4th, 2008



that picture...thats me.
or atleasts, thats my namesake.
shes hard to keep up with.
a few thousand years ago, see, i fell in love with a hero.
brought him home with me and kept him close, safe.
but he had to go home and he couldnt keep his feet of the ground, so he crumbled.
its a real shame, he was beautiful.
and thats howthe story goes.

a lots changed.
i was broken for a while but, its cool, im fixed now.
they put me back together, kinda like humpty dumpty.
but theyre obviously better than all the kings man and all the kings horses.
although i dont know how a horse could be expected to fix a broken egg anyways.

so hey, im niamh.
just niamh, the 15 year old kid with amazing friends, a functional family, atleast.
not the goddess, or anything.i gave up waiing for her to step in and save me.

so now im just me,
and who i am, right now, at this second?

it makes me happier than anything.

so let me just send this message to you, whenever you feel like a'coming for a browse in IT or when your sitting at home bored out of your mind becuase facebook is shit and so's you TV, what you tried.
it didnt work, love.
it made me better and, heres the secret, now yourmissing out.

hes beautiful, by the way, a catch. Im sure.

(it okay, im not crazy, she knows who she is and she understands it allright.
im decent, cool. you should have a chat with me.
but im only ever on here in IT. i think thats the time when i have no life Very Happy )


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