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the great danton.

the great danton.
on stage left catchin' ur bbz.

Member since March 11th, 2006


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ex oh alma


I'm Alma.
It's some...Italian/Spanish/Bosnian name.
I'm only one of those three.

I'm not INO a whole lot.
You can PM me anytime. Anyone can. I'll respond when I get on.
I like hearing from people. I'm a little shy when it comes to talking to people I don't know.
If you add me on AIM or MSN, or I add you, I won't talk first.
It's a thing.

I'll accept friend requests on here if I've at least talked to you.
I'm pretty open about that.
I've got a myspace as well. Same rules apply.
I've also got livejournal and xanga for blogging. Let me know if you want those, I suppose.

I live in Nebraska.

No, that's not in Europe.
We've got corn, and surprisingly, a decent local music scene.
For future reference, I did know the JV All*Stars before you. And they're sweethearts.
As far as national tours go,
they don't.
We go to KC, and Colorado for concerts.

I've met a few band guys. They're usually pretty great.
People are jealous of our SKILLZ~~~!

And for the record,
x I've done the growlyface once in my life.
x I can fold my tongue into a three-leaf clover.
x I like Fall Out Boy, even though they're big and not as good.
x Pete Wentz irritates the fuck out of me. He will be the end of Fall Out Boy. But I love him (non-sexually. ew).
x I like all types of music. Anything that I like, goes.
x My username is from one of the best movies of 2006.
x I want it on DVD. : [
x One of my best friends, I've never met in real life.
x I fully intend on flying out there one of these days (in mayyy).
x I'm part of the Snakes On A Plane hype. It was a good movie, even.
x I can't do learned the Timewarp.
x I like red.
x If I had the money, I would be a clndstn whore.
x I have a keychain that says "I love Jason" on my backpack, solely for Jason Wentz. Lol. It broke.
x I bought a Marauder's hoodie off a TAI lj community. I have staredowns with other girls wearing Clan hoodies.
x I usually win. ;D
x I'm into theatre, but I'm not an alcoholic/pothead and I do have a religious affliation.
x Techies do it in the dark.
x I can never sleep before 1 a.m.
x I like grammar.
x I am quite "anal." I do things very methodically, and I get pissy if they aren't done that way.
x I'd like to say that my way is best, but it isn't always.
x No one will know how much it makes me angry that you can't center things on INO.
x I don't really know what I'd do if I had a child who didn't like to read like I do.
x With a future name like Cesario Antony, he'd better like to read. : [
x I'm seeing Panic! At The Disco on the 26th of November. I'm excited, but I'm more excited for the car van ride up there with 15 people I adore. And I'm upset that we're missing Cobra Starship on that tour by two days. I am terribly thankful we saw Plain White T's.
x Plain White T's were great the second time, when I knew the words.
x Tom is a sweetheart, too.
x And let me tell you, he was fucking excited to meet us.
x Image
x ^ I have a Saporta fetish.


ob la dee, ob la daa.
life goes on and on.


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