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Emily Electricity;;

Emily Electricity;;
Hick-Town, Tennessee

Member since March 13th, 2006


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Emily Electricity

Well, she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor,
Just for the attention.
Cause that's just ridiculously on.
Well, she sure is gonna get it.
Here's the setting,
Fashion magazines line the walls now.
The walls line the bullet holes.

Have some composure.
Where is your posture?
Oh, no, no
You're pulling the trigger,
Pulling the trigger,
All wrong.

My name is Emily, and I highly doubt I can tell you about myself in a mere few, poorly constructed, paragraphs. My life is an anomaly. I get myself into the weirdest situations without thinking of the consequences [such as getting locked in a closet for an hour with two other girls. But that, children, is a different story.] I live for music and you will often find me huddled up in some corner in an almost hipnotic state, headphones on my head, and music blaring from them. When I'm like this there is no use in talking to me, just wait until the CD stops playing. Also, don't ask to listen to my music. I'm a music whore and I will probably get pissed if you don't know of the band I'm into at the moment, I will be even more pissed if you do know of the band because it's "my band". Image
I'm not completely evil, I'm actually one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. I just can't stand stupid girls and I hate even more when they post stupid things on the internet. I can get "hardcore with the keyboard" and completely own you with my wit and sarcasm. Don't label me, I don't want to be part of your scene. Don't tell me that I am following a trend [if I get called "scenester", "emo kid", or "goth" one more time...heads will roll.]. I have NEVER followed a trend nor do I plan to. Ask anyone, I've always been weird. I dance, I write, I draw. I am an aspiring author and you will see a best-selling book out there with my name on it. I'm determined to be the new black, many will hate me but everyone will know my name.

Now that you've read all that, do you think you know me? Wrong. It's just the beginning.


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