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just another vampire

just another vampire
The Black Parade

Member since August 10th, 2008



First of all I absolutly love My Chemical Romance. i have all of their CD's and 3 t-shirts and a hoodie. i love music and i play Piano, Guitar, Flute, Drums, Cello and trumpet. i play rhythm guitar in my band but we're not very good and none of us can sing. i live in St. Helena and the letters in our license plate are W,A and Y. but this is just a really cool coincidence.

My favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, the used, pencey prep, LeATHERMOUTH, bouncing souls, the offspring, kisschasy, green day, Blink 182, kings of leon, AC/DC, matchbook romance, Rage Againt The Machine, arctic monkeys, alkaline trio, the red jumpsuit apparatus, goldfinger, Birds of tokyo, Bo Burnham(I know he's not a band), something with numbers, Frenzal Rhomb, Flight of the Chonchords, the living end, rise against, You Am I, all american rejects, dashboard confessional, the Lonley Island, They May Be Giants, end of fashion, Foo Fighters, kaiser cheifs, linkin park, nirvana, saves the day, the vines, weezer, wolfmother and the killers.

My fav song right now is - I'm on a boat by the lonley island and the song that is stuck in my head is Dr worm by they may be giants

I go to to school in the city so i have to wake up early every morning and catch the train with my friends and bunch of creepy pedophiles. my favourite class is art but science is also fun cause we get to disect things


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