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Philosophy is a very anti social practice at this time and place. Not too many people like having their personal beliefs questioned or analyzed unless they are me. THrough my life of analyzing my surroundings, I have come to the conclusion that the universe is finite and free will is an illusion.

According to an article I read in a critical thinking class, the author states that the personal belief of the fate of the universe determines if you are optimistic or nihilistic. Optimism occurs when the universe is infinite. Nihilistism occurs when the universe has a definite end. Therefore a belief in "nothing" is nihilism.

I get excited talking about "nothing". hahaha. Well nothing to me is a black hole or absolute 0 (-273.15 celcius). There are black holes in the center of all galaxies including the milky way. In our galaxy we have measured the black hole to be 4,130,000 times the mass of our sun and converting the equivalent of 600 masses of the Earth every second into the expansion of the universe (nothingness) while holding 200 BILLION stars in a spiral with its gravitational pull.

Anyways, there is an inevitable end to the universe trillions of years from now. If we were to see the end of our universe it would be by the furthest objects "winking" out of existance. Due to the expansion of space we know that the furthest object (microwaves from the big bang) will eventually be so far away that the increasing volume of space between us and the microwaves will exceed the speed of light. This will be percieved by a lack of static on television when inbetween stations. Eventually other galaxies will "wink" out until everything is consumed by a black hole or frozen to nothingness by reaching absolute 0.

With a belief in a definite end, everything thing else in between is a series of causes and effects that ineviably lead up to the end. For example, my typing these words is caused by my inevitable replication of DNA. Within my DNA is a 3 billion rung ladder that contains all my genetic attributes or phenotypes. My typing is an involuntary reflex to my surroundings due to my DNA as evidenced by the fact that all person(s) with my DNA are doing as I am doing.

In a sense fatalism causes one to relinquish "control" because we are enslaved to our DNA. Strangely enough, the process of letting go is the same as "acceptance". Therefore, the most fatalistic individual is the most accepting.

Now, with an understanding of my philosophy I am destined to be attracted to art that depicts the dichotomy of fate and free will. My Chemical Romance does an exciting job depicting a fatalistic philosophy through lyrics and Thrice made an antithesis with the song "Image of the Invisible". I enjoy both bands but I find MRC more shocking because the status quo is to believe in free will when fatalism is obviously more logical.

Neitzsche stated that nihilism and fatalisim suffer from apathy. This can be considered depression or lack of excitation. He says that we should increase our excitation by increasing our power. Power can be attained by controlling people with milder philosophical beliefs.

Anyway, we can increase our own power by learning as much as possible and maintaining our health through diet and exercise.


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