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in your dreams, sucker

Member since September 10th, 2008



most important thing people learn about me when they first meet me... i dunno but that sounded like a good statement

first of all i like to play on the computor, and i am slightly ashamed to admit that it is a BIG part of my life

secondly i am madly in love with vampires and werewolves, but i would prefer to stay out of the stereotype group of Twilight lovers because one:i read alot and i was honestly one of the first two read the book, i love it but i hate preps, two:preps started reading the book and started going gaga over edward, three: jake is NOT a love child from harry potter characters or whatever also, i will drool over you if i deem your canines are nice and long and sharp, i want to give birth to a pack of werewolves, so when dna splice testing for merging human with animals, i will be the first to volunteer.

thirdly i do my own stereotyping with the preps... they are really popular blondie dumb people that i really cant seem to get along with, maybe because they like to act under their potential, dating at the age of 10, asking what savagery means, and other things that lower my opinion (girl im talking about: she asked what savagery meant when she was in ninth grade... english pre ap/honors)

my life story of meeting my love, music, is about a time when i was getting really stressed in seventh grade and i turned on the radio and heard the song Pain, i fell in love with its attraction and then made friends with Gwen
she introduced me to alternative rock songs and MCR and a whole lot more of music related things, I am so in love with music i could kiss it if i could hold the sound of it

my favorite songs include (but are never limited to) :

Pain - Three Days Grace
All of the My Chemical Romance songs (yes I have heard all of them, i have the privelage of Gwen being my friend and she owns many My Chem merchandise)
Sorry - Buckcherry
All Around Me - Flyleaf
Tong Hua - Guang Liang (Michael Wong, yes i still listen to other genres of music, especially my heritage, Asian)
Sekai no Yakusoku - Howl's Moving Castle (I dont know who sang it but thats the movie it came from, this is a Japanese song)
La vie Bohemme - Rent cast (Gwen made me spend a whole bus ride memorizing this song, but I loved it before that)
Seasons of Love - Rent cast
Prelude 12/21 - AFI (I am enamored with this song and I love the part in the music video where he opens his eyes... I like to imitate him)
Smile - Lily Allen
ONE SONG THAT REALLY PICKS ME UP WHEN I AM DOWN IS - about any song... and when Im angry, I like Linkin Park

fifthly (?) I like to talk or just hang out with friends randomly... and Im kind of like a love councelor on partnership with another friend, Rosie-O (I dont know how it happend)


i am attracted to shiny things



    *sniff* i feel touched that you mentioned me in ur profile. =]
    and yeah....La Vie boheme. that was one helluva bus ride., September 23rd, 2008 at 04:19:42pm


    =O you ACTUALLY mentioned the girl in our class who asked what savagery meant? xDD I dont want to sound mean, but seriously. WHAT are you doing in our PreAP English class if you dont know what savagery means? and people who raise their hands with stupid questions and say "Why do we have to do this?" in a whiny voice. honestly. get the eff out if you cant deal with PreAP classes . You chose it yourself, so suck it up and deal. *rants*, September 17th, 2008 at 10:12:01pm


    hhaaaayyyyy bbbbaaaaabbbbbiiiiiieessssss...
    yah. see yah laterz yoooo. <3, September 10th, 2008 at 05:24:23pm

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