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Springfield Ohio

Member since September 18th, 2008



Well I love MCR (And if you don't know what that is then...well.....why do you have an account here?) but not like "oh my god MCR i love you marry me!!!!!!!!" i more into the music and understanding the lyrics not caring if they are hot and stuff. i love other bands to like Hawthorne hights. the used, slip knot ICP, Evenesenice( did i spell that right) but yeah

i have brown hair blue eyes, i'm not skinny nore am i fat. i'm not emo i'm not goth....i'm me!! i'm carzey fun enerjetcic ( how ever u spell that!) hyper laughs alot. but i have a varry dark side to me to.

i get varry depresed easily i'm varry emotional like okay this is varry wierd but i was around a drunk for alot of my like and when i saw that gerard was drinking.....again i cried necasue one of the guys that is in my favorite band and helped me with HIS lyrics was going thourgh what i was around and know EXACACLY what he went and is going thourhg. but i was happy when he married lyn-z and whish he has the best years with her and hope mikey and alicia and frankie and jamie and ray and his wife ( idk her name) has happy years and bob poor bob hope you find your perfect match!!!!!!!!!!


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    umm Yeah that me hehe


  • gerard_MCRmy_forever

    hey mcr rox

    gerard_MCRmy_forever, February 22nd, 2009 at 12:00:40pm

  • Darling_HeartBreaker

    Hey I'm Kassi!!! Welcome to INO!!!
    I live in ohio too!!!!! I think i live close to springfield. IDK!!!!!
    So wht's up??!?!?!!?!

    Darling_HeartBreaker, September 18th, 2008 at 02:48:39pm

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