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Jessie-Belle (Bella)
Telford nearish Birmingham UK

Member since November 11th, 2008


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My Name is Jessie-Belle or Bella depending on who you are. Im 18 years old and I live in Telford which is fairly near Birmingham in the UK. I live on myspace (because im sad) and I study Art at the local college. I get called a Drama Queen by my friends because Im a little loud and a little crazy and I like attention. I wanna learn to play bass and drums. Im asthmatic and I dont like it, asthma is not sexy. I run a fansite called I am Not Afraid, its original im is to get the MCRmy closer and join in with as much as possible. When I was younger I was a christian and when I attended church I just loved the commuinty, the feeling that you got because you were just accepted for who you were and noone judged. I never felt alone there, I just felt very lost because I didnt belive in what was being preached to us. Well I belive in My Chemical Romance and the strength their music gives me each day. There are so many things I would never of gotten through without their music, not just suicide but loosing my best friend to the more socially acceptable people after six years of friendship, after being walked over and treated like crap by an ex-boyfriend, after being bullied at school and by my step mother...the list goes on.


  • MiDesfileNegro

    HEY! Lol I had no idea you were on here! :D

    So how are you? My MCRmy twin ^_^

    MiDesfileNegro, April 30th, 2009 at 07:18:50am

  • MCRMY53

    waw... you... are... awesome =D as myself, i am an out cast at school and can feel horible about myself and lost, but as soon as io put my ears to some MCR, everything just starts making sence, and i feel that i'm not alone and there are others just like me out here. thank you so much. when is this MCR day again?

    MCRMY53, November 21st, 2008 at 03:00:02am

  • Sweet Vendetta

    yes... Smiley

    just waiting for the results of one of my last exams at school.....
    i cant wait...

    aaaaa .... *runs in circles*
    xD xD xD

    Sweet Vendetta, November 19th, 2008 at 07:50:02am

  • Sweet Vendetta

    Hello. How are you?

    Sweet Vendetta, November 15th, 2008 at 08:35:16pm

  • Gerard.

    hi how are you

    Gerard., November 14th, 2008 at 02:38:50pm

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