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I didn't used to like MCR, but my friend loves them. She told me to buy 'Teenagers' and after that I was hooked. I would totally love to go to one of their concerts, but my parents are so strict, thats not going to happen for quite a while. Anyways, I love MCR, esp. Frank and Mikey....Ferard is hot, and Frank's tattoo's are awesome. I love the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, but the movie was horrible. htpp:// is an obsession, but I'm not very happy that they don't have a category for MCR fanfics..........I think Mikey was hotter with his old look then with his newer one, but that's not gonna change either. When I'm not on the computer, I am either at school or doing something else. I love spending time with my friends, and I enjoy shopping and playing sports.

I'm going to the Fall Out Boy concert soon, with Metro Station, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, and Hey Monday. Can't Wait, so excited!

Can't Wait for Gerards kid to be born, i just really hope its a boy, cause if its a girl......wat a waste of hotness!!!!!!! hehe................


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