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Monster of Society

Monster of Society

Member since January 22nd, 2009



What's up? I'm Andy. I am crazy. Almost clinically. I'm the guitarist for the mega-awesome band Mayhem Mission. Yeah. I'm the emo chocobo as well. Don't ask and I won't tell. Mess with me and I'll stab you, really. I'll fucking hunt you down!
Just kidding
I also ride BMX. Underated sport, let me tell you. You skaters get all the glory, well you may have won the battle but we will win the war! But don't worry if you're a skater, I'll spare you.
All you younger kids, check out some awesome music and sports, well if you're on this site you probably know some cool music. But anyway, don't rot in front of the tube 24/7. Switch off the idiot box and drop the video games, go do something. It's way more fun.
By the way, I will join forces with the greatest band ever, UnderOath, and rule the world someday.

Well, if you read all that, you have a high mental tolerance of strangeness. Message me, you could be of great use in my quest for world domination.


  • x_xskellx_x

    dude, your out of your mind, i plan to rule the world. me and my friend shane. we've been planning to rule the world for a few weeks. but i've been planning to rule it for like... 4 months, he just started helping me. i cant dominate the world all by myself. anyways you sound pretty cool with me. have fun ruling the world with underoath.

    x_xskellx_x, January 23rd, 2009 at 08:38:26am

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