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In Canada eh?

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Hey other INO people! How goes it? I am insane and have like every disorder and deficit ever invented! Whoo! go me.Thats like the biggest accomplishment in my life. I have the most issues! As it says above i think i eated chemicals (haha my CHEMICAL romance) when i was little and i screwed up my brain. But in general im a pretty cool person. Well when i'm not planning to kill someone or blow something up. Or burn it down. Or blow the person up... ohh what a good idea! XD
I have many grudges against way too many people and i am one of the only people i know with a hit list! (I keeps it under my pillow o__O) mwhahahahaha!!
i am way to bizarre for most people and I only have like 4 good friends but i dont care cause i love those 4 to death! And back! TWICE!! =O
I also happen to be absolutly in love with vampires! but not the twilight series. Not enough people (or vampires) die in it for me.
I also like burning things down.. like houses, barns, cars, people, schools etc.
jkjk lmao im not an arsonist *shifty eyes* i am more of a pyro. and a vampire. and a psycho.

My next favourite thing after vampires, fire and mass destruction is MUSIC!
and at the top of that list is MCR!!
Then: A Static Lullaby, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Blessthefall, Bring Me The Horizon, Brokencyde, Bullet for My Valentine, Cradle of Filth, Disturbed, Escape the Fate, H.I.M., Korn, Senses Fail, Slipknot, System of a Down, The Spill Canvas and The Used!

well actually that list was in alphabetical order not in order of favourites but i love them all pretty equally.

A little more about me. I am a vegetarian because i love animals way (lol way. like gerard way..or mikey way.) to much. I like them alot more than people even though techinically people are animals too but whatever. I also love horse-back-riding which everyone i know finds weird cause i don't shrivel up in sunlight like they all expected! =O

kay so thats me basically. =) feel free to come chat it up with me. give me a PM or something and if ur not a stalker i'll add you on msn XD


You're surprised by my unlife?

Of course I have a garden--
I love roses, despite the thorns.
Aren't the night-blooming flowers lovely?

Of course I sleep on silk sheets--
They give me sweet dreams.
Wouldn't you love such a decadence?

Of course I keep a well-stocked kitchen--
I do have guests occasionally.
Isn't the garlic braid decorative?

Of course I sip human blood from crystal goblets--
I serve it hot, like sake.
When you want a steak, do you kill a cow?
Of course not. You have someone else do it for you.
Much more civilized.

Perhaps we're not so different after all.
Post this if YOU THINK THE SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS IS CRUEL, but vampires rule.


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