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Well, theres not muchh i can say well im a girl,, from nl, canada and ive been listening to my chemical romance for as long as i can remember ...theres been alot of shit goin on in my lifee and when all that happens i go in my room and blast mcr on my streo as loud as it can go. i plan to try out for canadian idol and when i do ill beh singin hang 'em high for sure and i plan to get My chemical Romance tattooed on my shoulder..this band is different from the others ...their lyrics relate to me some way ...the band as been an ispiration If i had one wish id wish i could meet the 5 ppls from the band......but i know that isent goin to come true considerin i doubt the ppls from mcr read their fan thingyys but it'd be awesome if i could meet them because i love them all more than anything might be hearing the samee shitt from all the other fanss but believe me every thing ive said is truee,,,,im actulaty listenin to your music as i types thisss..i cant wait till your neext album comes out......I might be a random fan but.......ever since my dad passed all ive been doin is listenin your music and trying to writee my own but minee suckss ass love you guyss


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