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______________You can stand
___________Under my umbrella

__________I'm Hannah.

ImageI sing

ImageI dance

ImageI act

ImageI write

There is not one person that I know that I hate. Not one. I'm friends with everyone I know.

When I'm sad, I look through the piece of translucent acryllic I stole from my Tech class. It makes everything look bright and happy.

(No, seriously.)

Even my Mum has MySpace. XD

I live in my head =3

O rly? YA RLY!
I'm not your free sachet of sugar, nor am I the little pieces of snow that land on your tongue.

I'm the syrup that comes with your pancakes at McDonalds; sticky, messy, annoying, too sweet, with a dead rat stuck inside me, but still the best thing ever.

I'm dirty minded.

I'm a girl; that means I like to dress up in white dresses and sing into hairbrushes, right?


I like to dress up in vampire capes and sing into dead bats.

I'm a nice person. I like to be nice. I like it when people are nice to me. It's a delicate balance.

I'm single ; sometimes I look, sometimes I hide.

I like the drawings that little children do.

Some people call me well spoken, others think I'm an idiot. It's true.
I'm an idiot.

I'm lots of fun; I make people laugh; I go over the top.

I'm not a fan of putting people into catagories.

When Elliot and I get married, our children are going to be called: Ryuuji Gerard Yuya Mikey Taylor Frank Howard Smith and Druscilla Ursula Sylvia Jeanette Yoko Portia Bella Abby Jamia Alicia Smith.

I like my music LOUD


For all you twenty year olds with an abundance of facial piercings who find stories about My Chemical Romance annoying;
Normal twenty year olds don't waste their time on message boards complaining about bands that appeal to a younger audience.
If you don't like it; don't read it. It's not like you're forced to.

Homophobia suggests narrow mindedness which suggests a lack of intelligence.
And for all you people that back up your arguments with a religious viewpoint:
If God hates gays, why do men have prostates?
And don't call me a hater. I'm a christian =]

(end rants.)

My Chemical Romance Paramore Uffie I am Ghost Lostprophets Frank Sinatra Mozart Kim Carnes Michael Jackson The Used Lacuna Coil Evenescance Kate Nash Take That HIM Trivium Green Day Papa Roach Razorlight Britney Spears Kristen Chenoweth Bullet For my Valentine Avenged Sevenfold Christina Aguilera 30 Seconds to Mars Idina Menzel Placebo Eden Espionsa From First To Last Aiden Blink 182 Duran Duran Talk Talk Dashboard Confessional Yellowcard Rufus Wainwright Gwen Stefani The Medic Droid Beans on Toast System of a Down Less than Jake Billy Talent AFI Sarah Brightman All American Rejects Hundred Reasons Hilary Duff The Dresden Dolls Everyday Tradgedy Lilly Allen Foo Fighters The Eagles Funeral for a Friend Cute is what we Aim for Katy Rose Slipknot Amy Winehouse Murder Scene Love Affair Fall Out Boy Spunge Panic Switch Alexiatt Crow David Bowie The Prodigy Tokio Hotel Glamour for Better Soroban Aural Vampire Busted Hellogoodbye Avril Lavigne Drop dead, gorgeous The Spill Canvas Atreyu Jeffree Star Escape the fate The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Enter shikari Pony Pony Run Run Pull Tiger Tail Something Corporate The Academy is... The Beach Boys Taking Back Sunday Underoath You say party!We say die! Matchbook Romance Hollywoodundead Robbie Williams Ultraviolet Panic! at the disco Rihanna Smokey Robinson The Jam Pachelbel


  • joy division.

    Heya. U sound naiiice. i live in my head too! i lyk ur sense of humour, i normally have a sense of humour, but it went walkies, along with my common sense and will to live :( ANYWAYS pm me and i have added yoor msn, soooo....please accept! Oh noes, ive tired myself out now, i think i'll just-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    joy division., November 4th, 2007 at 07:50:12pm

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