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im not ofuckinkay!

im not ofuckinkay!
Fantasy Land

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Howdy y'all!
I'm Alice, I must admit that I'm rather new to My Chem along with I remember hearing Teenagers on Vh1 and thinking to myself, "I have no clue who this band is, but I know that it will become monumental." Well, it is. A few months ago I seaeched for "that band" and found TBP Is Dead and Bullets at the library, I pounced on them and instantly ripped them to my computer. I fell in love with the music, I was captivated by the style, and mesmerized by it's message. I quickly became a die-hard fan, learning everything that I could about the grungy kid from Jersey and what drove him to make the music that he and the rest of My Chem makes. When I saw this site I signed up and searched through fan art (y'all are damn talented!), song meanings and everything else.
Long story short, My Chemical Romance is amazing, Gerard is sexy, that's about it!


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