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Mother War

Mother War

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world war tiff X3


"Music is about being somewhere comfortable; and not feeling better or lower than any other; THAT'S what music is about."
- Gerard.

I'm Tiffany and the reason I am here is because I love this one band that helped me through a lot and will continue to help me for the rest of my life. They mean too much to me, and I couldn't imagine my life now without them. Their music, their meanings, and themselves as people have helped me immensly, and I could never forgot them and would never want to.


I'm pretty happy with my life now. I love my real friends, and I have fun with people here on INO. Other bands I love are Madina Lake, Paramore, The Horrors, Rise Against, Kill Hannah, and Taking Back Sunday. They have to be my favorites, and next to My Chemical Romance is The Used. They are my other favorite band and have also helped me in my life, but they won't come close to the love I have for MCR Everyone knows; I seem to listen to my iPod twenty-four/seven :] it's true. I have two cats that I do love so much, but I've always wanted a dog. I am a nice person, so talk to me. But I do admit I am shy though, and am trying my hardest to get rid of it.


The Best Day of My Life was on March Eleventh, Two Thousand Seven.
First time seeing My Chem; and I miss it. I can't wait for next time :]

And We'll All Dance Along to the Tune of Your Death.


  • G Way

    Hey what's up? I'm Alice.

    G Way, July 17th, 2008 at 07:03:03pm

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