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Non of ya Buisness

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I am a normal somewhat gothic kid. I love to read, write, draw, act, sing, and dance. I am a Christian and I grew up knowing God as my savior and my heavenly father. I do cuss and when I'm in a bad mood my cussing is so bad. Don't piss me off.
I have 1 bro and that's all I'll ever have. Sometimes I do wanna kill him though. I have 2 loving parents and many friends. I have been in and out of relationships because of idiocity in the men. I go for them bad boys because I find them sexier. I love vampires and I do alot of research. I am a total smarty when it comes to the paranormal so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I aspire to become a Paranormal Researcher one day.
Right now my goals in life are to finish school and get into a good job that pays good too, get married, have babies, and grow old with my soul mate. I have a talent of finding good readings about vampires. My most favorite vampire story I have read is called "Suckers Bet". You should read it. I recomend it. You will find I am not the greatest speller in the world. I love making friends who don't peer pressure me into anything. Love you all and talk with you soon! Wink <3 *kiss*


  • queen_of_death666

    I AM BACK AND READY TO PARTY!! :D I know, long Hiatus but I missed you guys :P I was soooo super busy and sooo super deppressed lately, figured I'd get back on and say hi to everyone whom has porobably long since forgot me. Love what they did to the page. I am currently, and so forth in the futre, working on a book series that's really creative to me. I will post it when I am done with the first book in the whole series. :D Give ya one good giveaway at the end of the first book, One of the main charecters DIES! Anyways, love you all and i missed you all!

    queen_of_death666, May 24th, 2011 at 09:33:51pm


    hey :D, January 2nd, 2010 at 10:11:21pm

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