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Chaotic Cancer.

Chaotic Cancer.
Sunny coust Australia..

Member since January 25th, 2010


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Imagine this if you will.
One Plastic girl sat on the ground.
A spotlight ironically set upon her glassy skin.
her eyes bright blue with no emotion.
Her knees are bent as akward as they can.
Her lifeless body sent to the floor above the stage.
The strings gleam in utter pretence.
Thinking that they are invisible.
The music starts,
the curtains opened.
Each thing danced to life,
this show has commenced.

[right]His face it gleams with joy
no bitter remorse breaks these features
he holds the small thin canes
attached to the strngs
he yanks on one
and giggles as her hand pulls up.
It slapps her face. Not leaving marks on dull plastic
he dances her in an odd posed fashoin
across the oak floor
To make the kids laugh
[/right]She prances along
with not a thought
dressed up in black bobby socks
and slutty lace
no games dose she play
no sins does she partake
noone thinks that she feels
inside her mind she is real

[right]He guesses her body is something other than a temple
Its for him to violate and show off
each lace seems to slip off
as she finds the light dimming.
In her bed again
under the blankets
her monster he is
the feeling of jumping hearts
as he takes her once more
[/right]No heart beats beat
no breath breathes
no mind thinks
in her small world
she is dead
a horrid corps willing
no grave rests her soul
no face can haunt her dreams
no friends mourn her body
placed in a game
placed on a show
place in hell
with the devil the masquer

[center]not a slut
not a whore
just a girl not ment for show.


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