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Anna Russell
Burien washington

Member since March 9th, 2010


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MY all in all best friends are, Tylene lovejoy, kiara kleinschmidt, and tabatha marz. I am currently in a relationship with andrew privett. I love my chemical romance but just started listening to it through my friend kiara. She loves the band and she went to my house once and got me to listen to it and have loved it ever since. I think miey is the hottest on in the group and you guys can argue with me all you want but im not goingot change my mind. My favorite song from my chemical romance is helena, i love the video because the ballet part is really awesome. I love all of the songs except teenagers. Mikey, i dont think you did a good job onthat one. sorry. I still love you like i loved you yesterday. Lol That is one of my favorite songs too. I can't believe you guys are in your 30's now, you dont look a day over 20 and thats why i got confused when i heard the song teenagers. Well enough about you, im going to start talking about myself for once. I am in love with the disney movies, no matter how old i get i will alway be in the mood to watch a disney movie, my favorite is lelo and stitch. I am the kind of persowho says random things for absolutely no reasonnd then i will ask an insanly stupid question. I harlyever get sick but at the moment i have pink eye because i had theurge to wear someone else's makeup. thanks alot tylene. lol just kidding i love you. Well that soud just about tell you all the things i feel like explaining. peace out lover!


  • Photo #16548

    me and kiara she is biting my filthy hat!

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    me and kiara she is biting my filthy hat!


  • kirsty

    hi welcome to ino

    kirsty, March 11th, 2010 at 04:51:09am

  • eschoolhottie

    ooops, i think i was touching her boob, i didn't mean to and no im not bi or lesbo, im straight!

    eschoolhottie, March 9th, 2010 at 05:40:38pm

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