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The Hotel

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Well, this profile used to belong to my dear Thea only, but we decided to make this into a pupblic profile to be used by the crew of The Hotel of the Lost & Found. We're 5 people who shares this profile, and those 5 people are:
Thea, Charlie, Chris, Katrina (Kat) and myself; Anna.
I will need to inform you, these are all cover names =)
Now, ya'll might be wondering "What the fuck is that bloody Hotel thing!?"
Basicly, it's a bunch of teenagers who were given an old building to live in. But that's just the basic understanding to the Hotel. In the moment, about 8 teenagers live there, but they come and go as they please all the time..

If you want to se and party with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld, this is where you should be. If you're not used to be in a place like this, you'll be surprised every moment. Here, it's normal to wake up naked on the floor in morning by the sound of Chris hunting an imaginary pixiehorse. We're a bunch of crazy freaks.

People come here when life gets too much, and we do everything we can to cheer 'em up. A lot of the people who comes and lives here, has alot of big problems, and we simply try to make thier lives a bit easier and a bit more fun. Unfortunatly, we don't always succeed. That has resulted in three suicides, two of them being very, very close and loved friends of ours.
We are teenagers ourselves, but we take great responsibility. And we make a lot of fun out of it.

Time for an introductions all written by me, Anna:
Thea: The craziest and weirdest person I've ever met, and also the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Studies music on high plan and lives partly at the hotel and partly at her school.
Charlie: Thea's fiance. He's everywhere and the same time, and you never know where you have him. He comes up with the most insane ideas, and he always pulls them through, cousing chaos and destruction most of the time. Sugar high most of the time...
Chris: The cutest guy ever! He's gay, which just makes even more adorable. And he's an amazing designer, he makes all of mine and Thea's dresses.. He only speaks engilsh, even though he's danish. With english accent O_O Like Charlie, crazy and hyper. Imagine a skinny, very hyper, handsome guy running around hunting an imaginary pixiehorse. That's Chris.
Katrina: The smart one. She handles all the bills and finansial stuff. A fantastic dancer and she knows practially everything about art. Not as crazy and hyper as the rest of us, but she has her wierd moments.
Anna: Ah, myself! There's actually only one thing to say about me: Pigeon.


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