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Member since May 7th, 2010



╔══╦═╦═╗Put this on your
║║║║╠╣╠╣profile if you ♥ MCR

¸„ø¤º ``°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º ``°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º ``°º¤ø„¸¸„
•×♫♪וI am a part of the MCRMY!•×♫♪ו
¸„ø¤º ``°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º ``°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º ``°º¤ø„¸¸„

In 2010, I was diagnosed with MCROD(My Chemical Romance Obsessive Disorder).The symptoms are:
1)Stalking MCR's youtube channel for haters.
2)Listening to their music all the time.
3)Screaming like crazy wen you see them on tv.
4)Knowing the lyrics to all their songs.
5)Hating anyone who disses them.

If you believe you may have this disease....put this on ur page ! Get the word is serious....

8888888________88888 88_
88888888______888888 88_
8888_8888____8888_88 88_
8888__8888__8888__88 88_
8888___88888888___88 88_
8888____888888____88 88_
8888_____8888_____88 88_
8888______88______88 88_
8888______________88 88_
8888______________88 88_

____88888888888888__ ___
__88888888888888888_ ___
_888888________88888 ___
_88888______________ ___
_88888______________ ___
_88888______________ ___
_88888______________ ___
_88888______________ ___
_888888________88888 ___
__88888888888888888_ ___
____88888888888888__ ___

_888888888888888____ __
_8888888888888888___ __
_8888________88888__ __
_8888________888888_ __
_88888888888888888__ __
_8888888888888888___ __
_88888_____888888___ __
_88888______888888__ __
_88888_______888888_ __
_88888________888888 __


Any MCR Fan Would Know:
1.More songs than welcome to the black parade
2. ALL of the band member's names
3. When they got together
4. Know what Gerard is afraid of
5. Knows what they are COMPLETLY against
6.Know how many of them are married
7. Know who left the band
8. Know the reson why they wrote the song "Helena"
9. Know that Gerard has a brother
10. Would fuckin jump anyone that disses MCR
11. Knows the band name Frank was in before he was in MCR
12. Knows Frank was even IN a band before MCR
13. Any MCR fan would know that Gerard Way is not FUCKING bisexual or gay he is 100% straight and would dis anyone that says otherwise
14. Any MCR fan would have this on their profile

You Say Pink
I Say Black
You Say Holister
I Say Hot Topic
You Say Miley Cyrus
I Say Amy Lee
You Say Zac Efron
I Say Gerard Way
You Say The Jonas Brothers
I Say My Chemical Romance
You Say Weezy F. Baby
I Say Mikey F*ckin Way
You Say Hip Hop And Rap
I Say Rock And Screamo
You Say Im Wierd
I Say Im Different
-Repost This If You Agree-

At the moment, i love....

MCR (Hell Yeah !!)
The Pretty Reckless
30 Seconds To Mars
Queens Of The Stone Age
Linkin Park
The Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack
(Marilyn Manson)
Elliot Minor
Funeral For A Friend

I also love to read...
THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES !! (Lestat De Lioncourt is the damnedest brat prince !)
The Lives Of The Mayfair Witches
The Harry Potter Series
The Da Vinci Code
Angels And Demons
And loads of others but ive forgotton the names !!

And currently playing on the PS2...
Jak And Daxter; The Precursor Legacy
Jak And Daxter 2 Renegade
Jak 3
Jak X
Jak And Daxter; The Lost Frontier
Soul Caliber 2
Devil May Cry


  • kirsty

    thanx love ur profile to

    kirsty, November 4th, 2010 at 06:52:23am

  • kirsty

    hi welcome to ino i was diagnosed in 2006 and i still have all the symptoms

    kirsty, May 11th, 2010 at 04:21:44am

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