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Victorian Vendetta

Victorian Vendetta
Zone 6

Member since December 28th, 2010



Kt Killjoy, We Read You Loud and Clear.
Hello there lovelies. My name is Kt. Let me offer you some insight into what exactly makes up Kt!
I'm a young lady and I’m a freshman in college. I absolutely love it here at school. I have the best friends in the entire world. New ones and old ones. I’m actually a history major, with a criminology minor. I adore Glee, (Klaine is my favorite of course of course) Harry Potter, My Chemical Romance, music in general, A Very Potter Musical, well really all things starkid!, and almost anything and everything. I’m on the swim team here at college. I’m not very good, seeing as this is my first time swimming, but hey I’m trying right? I love it actually, and my team is amazing and so nice! My Little brother has autism, and he can’t speak. He’s my hero. I’d do absolutely anything for him. I’d do anything for any of my family! Please please get to know me and let me get to know you
She’s stranger than fiction and stronger than time. She’ll go in a second and stop on a dime. She’ll change every second, and yet stay the same. Wild at heart, she’ll never be tame.

"My life is an awkward visit from the kid's table while awaiting a History Channel special."
-Chris Colfer
" What's the point of being crazy if you can't have a little fun with it?"
-Taylor Dunn
Imagination is just intelligence having some fun

10 Facts About Me

1. I am a firm believer in unicorns. A unicorn without its horn is just a frigging horse.

2. I don't wear makeup to hide anything on my face. I do it because that's my form of art and expression.

3. I may or may not have a border line insane obsession with Darren Criss. But really, look at him! He's like disgustingly pretty.

4. I love to make people smile and laugh. I don't care where my life goes as long as I get to do that forever.

5. I live my life by the song Defying Gravity. I refuse to accept limits just because someone says they're so. I may not be able to change some things, but if I don't try I really won’t ever know.

6. My taste in music is very abnormal. I adore My Chemical Romance and Green Day, as well as Broadway musicals and Pop music including Justin Bieber. It keeps life interesting and every moment in my life deservers to be surrounded by music.

7. I cannot be labeled. It's really impossible. I'm smart, I'm crazy, I'm silly, I'm loud, I'm an athlete. I like rap, rock, punk, pop, and show tunes. Labels are for soup cans and the back of your underwear when you go to camp.

8. I'm a freak and I think that makes me beautiful. I like to be insane, and really, all the interesting people are.

9. Everything is much more fun when you're me. I see the world in Technicolor and animation. Think Alice in Wonderland. That's how I see the world. Everything is beautiful a new and exciting and ours for the taking. I make up stories and poems that go to every little thing that happens and I think of my friends and family as the characters in this book I call my life. It keeps life fresh and fun and wonderful.

10.I've tried to be other people, but then I came to the realization that I suit me the best.

Life is sweet. Life is delicious and fun and crazy. It's not about the money you'll make or the connections you'll have. It's about having your cake and eating it - regardless of what other people say. All of it. Every last crumb. It's about not letting anything go to waste. It's about savouring every single moment. Be yourself, completely and utterly. Let your freak flag fly. Be crazy and fun and loud. Love as much as you can and wear your heart on your sleeve. So go out. Dance an sing. Lick the spoon, Hell, lick the whole damn pan. Because if you don't one day you'll wake up and you won't know where the time went. Never let yourself ever think the words "what if". Do everything and anything. Major in life with a minor in love. Remember that you are the only you on this entire planet. Nobody is a better you than you are. By just being, you are a work of art. Open a gallery in your heart and let everyone in. That's what this is all about. That's what life is all about. Loving as much as possible, and then being loved in return

Insecurity will always rent the space it lives in. For a high price as well. But confidence will own the building, along with any other room it steps in. So remember that the next time you pick up the mirror or you have that lipstick in your hand. Those things, they aren't what are going to make him love you. There no way anyone will ever be willing to love you, until you learn to love yourself. And why not love yourself? You're one of a kind. No one else looks, thinks, feels, or acts exactly like you do. You're orginal. Your flaws, they make you perfect. Every single scar you have, on your arms or on your heart, they are what make you who you are. They are what make you so strong. They tell a story. They tell the story of how the world kicked you into the ground and just tried to tear you apart. But that's not the part of the story that matters. Its the fact that you're still here. You got up, you dusted yourself off and you kept fighting. You're here to prove every single bad thing said about you wrong, even the things you said about yourself. Stop trying to hide those scars. Stop trying to hide yourself. Stop saying no. Say yes, feel free, taste life, open up, trust, hurt, break, and trust again. Eat cake and wear slippers and dance and scream and sing and be everything you ever dreamed of being and then some. Nobody is going to judge you. Nobody will look down at you, and even if they do what the hell does it matter? You are the only person who gets to define you. You are the only person who is going to stop yourself. Nobody else. So think about that the next time you go to say that you're ugly, or that nobody would want you. Think about it when you pick up the lipstick, the flat iron, the mirror. Sure all of that will make you pretty, but confidence, confidence is what is going to make you drop dead gorgeous.

Negativity is something we have created. It’s not some natural thing that the earth was born with. It’s this horribly dominating feeling that was created by us as humans. We’re constantly reminded that we aren’t quite good enough. We look at these TV shows and these magazines and our first thoughts are “I should look, act, and think like that,” and that’s just the reality of the situation. I say reject that reality. It’s time to create your own. Negativity doesn’t have to exist. It’s something we as a group, we has human beings, can completely abolish. It’s time to realize that you’re beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size six or a size sixteen. You’re stunning. Be such a good person, such a ridiculously good person, that your inner beauty burst through every single pore and illuminates you. Keeps stars in your eyes, and a heart of solid gold in your chest. Who really cares what anybody else thinks about you and your body? They are not in charge of what’s beautiful and what’s not. They are not the person police. The only person that can give them that power, the power to completely break you down, is you. So remember; you’re beautifully unusual. You’re crazy, you’re great, and you’re fun. Don’t worry about too much right now, life has only just begun. Be a freak. Live your life exactly like you want to. Love like you’ll die tomorrow, and laugh like you’ll never get old. Open your arms up wide and your heart even more so. That’s really all it takes, because when you learn to love yourself as unconditionally as you wish to be loved by another, that is when you will be truly free.

She’s smart, courageous, funny, She has a heart of gold. She loves like she'll die tomorrow, And laughs like she won’t get old. She has realized that true happiness, Is a reality all her own. Everyone she meets is a friend, Everywhere she stays is home. She’ll make you laugh; she’ll make you cry, She’d love to hold your hand. Even though she cannot sing, She’d love to start a band. She’s beautifully unusual. She’ll happily call herself a freak. She likes to change it up each day. She’s a new person every week. She loves her body as it is, She wouldn’t change a thing, And when you see her dancing in the halls,She'll make you want to sing. She’s free of any hatred. She knows normal does not exist. She likes to live life loudly, An opportunity, she’ll never miss. Now could you live your life like this? Could you be happy every day? It’s time to learn to love yourself,No matter what other people say.

This is me, exactly as I am. I enjoy the way I look and act. Nothing I do is planned. I’m a strangely happy creature. From my head down to my toes. I love every part of me; From my heels, up to my nose. You look at me and call me freak. Well what’s so wrong with that? We could argue all day long, But I won’t play your tit for tat. I’m happy, silly, crazy. I’m strange and totally secure. You think that your society is sickly Well for that I have the cure. It’s all in our identity. It’s how we see ourselves. It’s about bring who we are to the table Not hiding on the shelf. So come along this road with me Let’s show them what we can do. We don’t have to be anyone else I’ll be me, and you be you.


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