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Amanda/Adrenaline Danger Heart
not telling :)

Member since April 18th, 2011



Hey other MCR fans!!!!!! Since i'm on this site you can probably guess that i am a fan of My Chemical Romance. It's true. I absolutely LOVE MCR!!!!! I came across this band a few years back when i heard "Welcome to the Black Parade" i liked it but that was the only thing i listened to from MCR. when i hear NANANANANA I fell in love. I couldn't wait for their new album to come out. I dived right into fan bases and other websites of that sort. I recently went through a hard time that caused me to fall into depression. believe it or not this band and their amazing songs from all of their albums helped me more than anyone can imagine. I just want to say thanks. This band practicably saved my life. Smile

So that all my fan adoring-ness things but heres more about me.
I love music more than anything else on the planet!!!! if music weren't around i would be long dead. (sorry if thats really emo but it's true)
writing is my next favorite thing. i am currently working on a story thats getting better and better with each day. (shout out to my friend Rachel who brings my characters to life with her amazing drawing skills and to Brandon who explains to me everyday that my sentence structure needs some serious help)
I love animals!!!! I have two dogs and my future career is a marine mammal trainer <3!!
Thanks for reading Smile


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