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Mo Way
Battery City

Member since June 8th, 2011



Hii! I'm OBSESSED WITH MCR!!! I recently met Moikay and Frankie on 5/10 at the Washington DC show, and they signed my replica Party Poison Mask! I also went to the April 22nd show in NYC! This was the best day of my life! Not only because I saw the real killjoys in person, but because months before I decided on making a mini Party Poison doll to give to Gerard. It took a while to make, and I put a lot of effort into it. During Na Na Na, I threw the doll onstage, and luckily, it landed next to Gerard's foot, and he picked it up! He waved it while singing "Crash and burn, Young and loaded, Na Na Na Na Na Na Na" and then dropped it near the drum set. Hopefully he still has it, and it's traveling on the tour bus with them! I also bought tickets for the Jones Beach show on 8/7, and for the CT show on 8/14. Someday I'm going to meet Gerard and tell him I'm the person who threw the doll at him! Very Happy


  • stellar4p

    Hello Dear,
    I saw your profile today in this site ( and i stopped and took a very good look at it.
    I want you to know that i am interested in knowing you better because you sounded very sweet in your profile and i will like us to become friends and know each other more better.
    Here is my email address ( send me a mail today please!
    Yours forever,
    (Remember that distance,age or color does not matter in a real relationship but love matters a lot).
    I am waiting for your reply now!

    stellar4p, December 6th, 2012 at 08:42:55am

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