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Jeevan Sandhu

Member since April 20th, 2006



I would just like to say that music is my life/religion. I like any type of rock. Thats the only genre I like of music.

Favourite genres:

1. Screamo
2. Emo
3. Metal
4. Indie
5. Alternative
6. Hardcore
7. Post-hardcore
8. Punk
9. Rock N Roll

I like a lot of bands. Theres too many to list, so I'll just list my favourites (I might list them all if I ever get time).

1. My Chemical Romance
2. The Used
3. Atreyu
4. HIM

MCR would have to be my favourite because their lyrics are really cool. I like how they have cool stories on each of their CDs. And plus, their music rocks! I have The Black Parade and I think that it is very good. I hardly ever buy CDs. But, I like Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge better. My sister is the one who has that. In my opinion, Three Cheers is a more rock-out-loud CD and TBP is more of a sit-back-and-relax CD. I haven't heard all of I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, yet. I don't have it but I plan to buy it (If I ever get the chance, though). But, it still has good songs (From what I heard). I don't have just one favourite song by MCR. My favourite song on Bullets is Vampires Will Never Hurt You. That song is a classic! On Three Cheers, I like Ghost Of You. The music video is very cool. My favourite song on TBP is Famous Last Words. Its a feel-good song.

I like The Used almost as much as I do MCR. I like them because they sound good and they have good lyrics. I like all of their songs. I really like In Love And Death but its not as good as their first CD. Anyways, I can't wait for their new CD to come out! It comes out February 2007. My favourite song on In Love And Death is Let It Bleed. Even though their new CD isn't as screamo as their first, I still like it. On their first CD, my favourite is Taste Of Ink.

I just recently got into Atreyu but when I first heard them, I was blown away! They are so good! They aren't that famous, which is good. That way, I know I wouldn't get sick of them. But their music is very good! With their screaming and their back-up singer, they sound excellent! I like their electric guitars, too! I can't wait to get their CD. I'm planning to get A Death Grip On Yesterday when I get enough money (But, I'm not sure which CD is the best). Rock on Atreyu! My all-time favourite song by Atreyu is Lip Gloss And Black. That song is awesome and it is so catchy!

Another of my favourite bands is HIM. They are so good! I'm not really into Gothic Rock, but I must say that these guys are really good. I like their music a lot. I want to get their CD, but that might not be for a while! I'm sure that I want to get Dark Light, though. My favourite song by HIM is Wings Of A Butterfly. Its really hard to choose which song is the best, but this song is so good!


  • iCy_T0mbX_X

    i love him and mcr.they guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!

    iCy_T0mbX_X, July 5th, 2008 at 05:26:59am

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