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Member since April 21st, 2006



This one thing sums me up: "I'm just a real loner kind of person, and yeah, kinda dark. But I'm happy. Not sad. I'm just shy and nervous."-Clea Duvall

Well here's everything else about me I guess:

My name is Kate.

I am 16 years old and cannot wait to be in my twenties because people will finally start taking me seriously as a person.

A few of my favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and Evanescence.

I'm single and loving it until I find a great guy>

My favorite singers are Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor.

I like Celtic music.

I am a dancer and figure skater.

My favorite actors are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Cillian Murphy.

I love indie, Irish, and especially Irish indie films.

I hate the snow and rain because I hate being cold yet I still want to move to Chicago when I am about 23.

I love purple and black.

I hate people in general although that does not make me a bitch. I just happen to think that the human population should be wiped out, myself included because humans as a whole have proven themselves to not be the brightest creatures.

I love music a bit too much (in my mother's opinion). I always have itunes running or my ipod on so it has become quite the problem for my family lately.

I hate hypocrites. I have come across way too many in my life so they can all just go away.

I love photography and would have taken it as a class this year at my school but it was third period along with AP Bio and guess which one my mother made me choose. I do go out and take pictures with the camera I have though, they just don't look good because I don't know any techniques or helpful tips.

I hate it when you're walking through a crowded hallway and there is that one person that you walk straight into and you both try going the same direction around each other but you just end up looking like idiots trying to dance around each other.

My friend Brittany and I enjoy taking pictures of ourselves when eating food.

Concerts I have been to:
Green Day w/ Jimmy Eat World - 9/30/2005
Taking Back Sunday and Angels & Airwaves w/ The Subways and Head Automatica - 7/21/06
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, Gnarls Barkley, and Papa Roach - 12/8/06
Taste of Chaos - 2/23/07
Projekt Revolution 7/27/07


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