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If you want my number, just ask me Very Happy

Status: Married to the most wonderful man on Earth.

Listening to: "I Heart Hello Kitty"- Blood On The Dance Floor

Killjoy Name: BabySkulls356

My name is Isabelle Pritchett (Edwards), I'm from Germany, but live in GC, Indiana, in America.

I'm 20 years old, as of 12/08/2014

Taken. Kenneth P. <3

Luv u Baby!
TTY soon!

Well...uh...Long listing I suppose...

About Me:
Hmmm... I'm a natural blonde with black hair, I'm 19. I'm happily married. I am a little paranoid/superstitious. Oh, Did I mention.... I'M OBSESSED WITH MUSIC AND WRITING! My Chemical Romance saved my life, I have my branch in the MCRmy (unverified by Party Poison) Called "Baby Skulls' Twisted Emo's" Well, now I've mentioned it.

Well, let's see.
I have a long list of "about me stuff" for the bio's....but do you really want to hear it? Okay...
Black hair,
5' 6",
born in germany,
lived in U.S 16 1/2 of my 10 years,
Love mcr,
Love to write and sing
love my husband,
love my daughter,
love Vampirac shows
my mom committed suicide back in '06 on the anniversary of 9, 11,
dad is still alive
miss my awesome surrogate granny Ann Rambo,
want a tattoo,
Cashier at Walmart

Is it weird that I love to do random stuff? Seriously, I do. It's just a part of who I am...
Yes, it can get in the way sometimes. But hey, life does that all the time anyways...right?

Now, I have a few little 'issues' that I think you should be aware of; Don't worry, nothing to be overly worried about:

1.) Anger Issues-Easily annoyed, but almost never hold a grudge.

2.) Writing complex- Though someone could end up sending me a message in IM/ Text form, or just something short, I usually end up writing this REALLY long (for the subject at hand) response. It can be kind of annoying, just to give you fair warning...

3.) Grudge Avoidance: I try not to begrudge someone about anything, but I have a hard time forgetting things. So, while I may not outwardly hold it against you...don't assume I've forgotten"

See, told you I had issues...
So, uhm...
Yeh, that's all I'm telling you...


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    Me in the Black Barrett my cousin, Elizabeth in Germany, sent me


  • stellar4p

    Hello Dear,
    I saw your profile today in this site ( and i stopped and took a very good look at it.
    I want you to know that i am interested in knowing you better because you sounded very sweet in your profile and i will like us to become friends and know each other more better.
    Here is my email address ( send me a mail today please!
    Yours forever,
    (Remember that distance,age or color does not matter in a real relationship but love matters a lot).
    I am waiting for your reply now!

    stellar4p, November 30th, 2012 at 08:52:07pm

  • attic dramatic

    Well how can you be going out with sarah When she never dumped me, so she is cheating on the both off us

    attic dramatic, December 13th, 2011 at 06:38:33am

  • attic dramatic


    attic dramatic, December 11th, 2011 at 05:29:03am

  • mar0o0ha

    hiii koa im marah nice page lol :)

    mar0o0ha, November 19th, 2011 at 01:17:27pm

  • BabySkulls356

    [color=#5D0CBD] I am SO SICK AND TIRED of...
    Wow...I completely lost my train of thought! HA! How hallarious is that? Probably for the best. I have babbling on about nonsense BS...Uh, that WAS nonsense BS. I Love to babble about it! Ha ha ha, I'm so weird!
    And Proud of it!

    BabySkulls356, November 18th, 2011 at 02:06:58pm

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