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Josie :)
In my GD Paradise.

Member since February 9th, 2012



~I heard Green Day. Now I'm a Billiever.
~First thing you need to know about me is... I love Green Day with all my heart. They're my boys and whoever disses them or hates on them, I will kill them. KILL THEM WITH FIRE! (:
~I be Josie. HAI!!!
~I'm 12 now. finally
~I have 5 pets. (no I'm not crazy)
~three dogs: Billie, Shakira and Stellah
~A chicken: Chen Cha
~A turtle: Haylee
~When I was 4, I used to say "It's an asshole" Whenever my mom said "It's a hassle" because I couldn't say "Hassle" and I repeated everything my mom said.
~I play Guitar, bass, and piano
~I'm a skateboarder
~My hair color is brown
~My eye color is green
~My fravourite band is Green Day (well, duh!)
~I am a smart ass A LOT!
~lol sorta looks like a drowning stick figure... Once you see it, you can't unsee it...
~ ~ ~lol~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~/\~ ~lol~ ~ ~ AH SHIT SHARK!
~I am a female
~Correction to OMG (which is 'Oh My God/Gosh/Goodness') it's OMJOS (which is Oh My Jesus Of Suburbia) Yeah, that obsessed.
~I'm quite petite
~I live in California
~I love horror shows
~I like pandas
~My favourite show is 1000 Ways to Die
~My mommy and unky take really good care of me which is why I love them. <3
~My dad passed away in a car crash on March 23, 2011~ R.I.P daddy <3
~The best person on this whole website is Jen (Master of Green Day)
~Summer of 2011 was the best summer ever! <3
~I've had my wisdom teeth taken out on 5.3.11 and it hurt like hell
~I like most oldie music stuff
~I'm in performing arts as a singer/actress in my school
~Music is life<3
~I have random obsessions with people or songs sometimes... And it gets on some peoples' nerves (Jen haha) XD
~I have an awesome best friend at school named Emily (Rave) and she loves punk
~She's my nineth mommy/wabba wabba/squishy/murf/chipmunk
~I hate conceided people
~I hate people who type like a 12 year old Bieber fan (For Example: omg lyk tht guy waz so hawt. i wnt him) <--- who would say that lol
~I have 12 mommies
~My 12 mommies are
~My real mommy
~Jen (on here)
~Ashley (at school)
~Odalis (at school)
~Adrienne Armstrong (Yeah, PM me if you're like 'WTF')
~Sally (home)
~Delores (home)
~Jonny (lol school)
~Emily (Rave) (school)
~Xiomara (on here and at home)
~Xiomara (a different Zio at school)
~Maria Jose (school)
~I used to be vegan (damn it!)
~I want to conga line with Tre, Billie, and Mike. (especially Tre)
~I draw...stuff.
~I actually thought Justin Bieber was a girl when I first saw him/her. (I didn't know Justin's name... And then I found out and freaked out)
~I went to Pizza Hut once with Sally, her boyfriend (now fiance), Delores, and my mommy and walked out without paying 'cause it was shit.
~I NEED to meet My Chemical Romance!!
~Root Beer and Dr. Pepper are my favourite drinks
~I wear glasses
~I LOVE Jeepers Creepers!
~Jen's my hobo (you made me pat your head, Jen)
~I get a lot of shitty phones (Jen would know lol)
~My favourite song in the whole entire universe and will never be replaced by any other song is 21 Guns by Green Day 'cause its a good song and Billie looks fucking hot in the video
~My unky's name is Mike!
~My mommy is such a hippie but i wuvs my hippie mama
~I name my electronic things after Green Day related characters (stealing Jen's idea 'cause it was so smart lol)
~I have a whole bunch of Green Day stuff that I hold dearly and take care of 'cause I love them and some of the stuff is very rare
~Lauren is my favourite MCR fan and I love her too.
~Life is a total bitch
~I plan on something and something always keeps me from doing whatever I was going to do
~I like to do things for other people if I like them well enough.
~I act shy when I first meet you, but then I do the randomest shit when I'm comfortable with you.
~I'm the best person you will ever meet. (:



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    the absolute most amazing band in the universe! and most adorabe!!!

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    Billie!!! I LOVE YOU, BILLIE!!!!


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