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New Jersey

Member since April 26th, 2006



i love...
my chemical romance, my mom, my brother, my grandma (the rest of my family, I could go on and on), my best friend/demo lover/future bandmate/the other mastermind in kidnapping mcr (you know who you are!), MAC (you saved my life), kyle and mikey (you guys don't make me feel alone in the back of the room), Janelle (just for being you), Tie (just for being one of the coolest guys to talk to!)Megan (you always support me), and Ildi (your an awesome friend, fo sho). *big breath* Emily (for trying to act black, ahaha.), Alexandra (your the best person to turn to in times of need), and if I forgot anyone that happens to be reading this, I'm sorry. *another big breath* Ate Jam (for listening to my problems and for taking me to the guitar center), Guitar Center, Cerritos (for putting up with me and Jam for the past couple of months, lol), Passion Fruit Iced Tea, dyed hair, tatooes, Mr. Mew Mew, you (for reading all this)...x

i hate...
Cold showers, losing things, being lazy, freaking out, stressing out, having break downs, jeweled phones who's jewels keep coming off, staying up late, red lipstick, 19!!!, when my iPod does not cooperate with my computer, when Apple does not pick up the phone when I call them about my iPod that does not cooperate with my computer, photo shoots! (ildi!), when people touch my hair when it's not straightened, the pepe pictures that scarred me for life (kati!), Mr. Mew Mew, loud, obnoxious people...x


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