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Frankie Womble
Gerard's back pocket!!!!!!

Member since May 3rd, 2006


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[color=blue]I heart Edie!!!!! And ANN!!!!!! they are my homefries yo!!!! I DONNOT have an obsession with exclamtion points!!!!!, i just think they are pretiful.

Of course MY CHEM saved my life(and like 50 million other people) yeah they're basically a mental ambulace with their music. lol. Well...I thoght it was funny.
I'm a dance major at CCA. I'm a certfied Camra whore. amd I'm EDIE's whore!!!!! ANN's too. Soooooo...Tra lalalalalala.I love Cherries the are the best thing since INO. I'm a COS Gerard owns my soul.

I have a sick since of humor( that means when you break your leg I laugh at you)that most people don't agree on.I put on too much eyeliner on and have a pink room. Yeah, I have a pink room get over it!!!! I' don't get defensive, just have a strong opion on what should be siad that hasn't been said already.I want to know if my story is good or not because i know I have bad grammer and horrilbe spelling. GAW.

I have big boobs that I hat some people would be happy to have them but, I don't. I have brown eyes and brown and blonde hair. I'm not really tall but, not short. I've confeesed to being addicted to Harry Potter. I love the books Cirque de Freak, it's a vampire story.


"I burn every thing and call it casuin." Frank Iero

"Fuck you mother fucker." Gerard Way

"I belive all the magical power of unicorns that he is real!" Edie


  • GivinEmHell

    hi. love your profile. I'm addicted to Harry Potter too. How did you come up with your name lol?

    GivinEmHell, December 18th, 2007 at 09:16:38pm

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