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Before I continue, let me tell you something you should know. I am NOT obsessed with My Chemical Romance. Yeah, imagine that. I know a lot of people aren't, but it seems like a good amount of people here are. (I know that's kind of obvious, as this is a My Chemical Romance forum, but you don't have to be obsessed to join a community.) They're not even in my top ten favorite bands any more.

All that aside, I'll tell you some stuff about me. First off, my name is Danielle. I'm sixteen, and I'm a vegetarian. I like to read, write, walk, listen to music, play my guitar and play video games.

My favorite band right now would have to be either The Academy Is..., AFI or Paramore. It depends on the day, honestly. I'd list the bands I like, but that would take too much time. Same with listing bands I dislike, although if you get to know me, you'll figure them out. Or you can just ask which bands I like/dislike.

Recently, I've picked up the hobby of recording myself lip-synching to songs via camera. It's quite fun to watch me do it, although I have a bad habit of moving around a lot during a riff or something, and then I want to mentally smack myself for doing it. Sometimes I just don't notice when I do something.

I have stories on here, although two and a half of them are finished. (I co-wrote one with my wifey, Kristen.) I had another one, but I never got around to updating it, and the "This topic has not been replied to in 30 days" sentence freaks me out a little.

I have pet-peeves, as I'm sure everyone does. I'll list a few of them for you:

People who say they can't live without music. I know that a lot of people are probably going to get mad at me for stating that, but it just bugs me. I love music, but that doesn't mean I'm going to die from not listening to it. You're gonna be fine. Trust me.

Homophobe haters... Again, I know. People are going to get mad. Now, I'm not a homophobe, but honestly. Okay, the violent ones aren't likeable, but my grandpa? He's kind of homophobic, but he's a very good man. People speak about being open-minded, but they basically say a homo-phobe's opinion is wrong. Again, I'm all for same-sex relationships, but let people have their own opinions.

Chat speak. Well, not all forms of it, but people who refuse to type correctly. Especially when they know they're abusing the English language because it's faster. I know I'm not the best when it comes to grammar, but people should make an effort. I have a neighbor who types chat-speak... and he's in his fifties.

When people use cutesie nicknames for My Chemical Romance like they know the members so well. I mean, like, Frankie, Mikes, Gee. What's wrong with calling them by their actual names? It's all good when you call a close friend by a nickname, but it seems a little offensive to call people you don't know so personally by those.

People who judge others with stereo-type. Like, they dislike someone because they're obviously "Preppy" or "Goth" or what-not. I don't know, but shouldn't you judge someone by the kind of personality they have? People can be missing on good friendships because of that.

People who diss other people who just get into certain bands. A person will hear a popular song, and then get into a band, right? Well then older fans will get pissed off, judging that they only like the band for their popularity. Does it matter the reason? If you like the band so much, just be happy that they aquired a new fan. Don't care about the why.

Vegetarians/vegans who act holier-than-thou to people who eat meat. I think people should feel free to eat what they want without anyone being "Eating such-and-such is so wrong!", because most vegetarians and vegans (my sister has a friend who has been a vegetarian since he was a baby because his parents are vegetarians) weren't always like that... THEY ATE MEAT, TOO! Even my sister's friend wants to just have a taste of meat, although he knows it will possibly make him sick.

Those are some of my pet peeves, I have more of them, but I don't feel like listing them.

So now you've been enlightened on who I am. If you want to talk, I'm more than happy to talk. Just mail me. =3


  • Sweet Iced Tea

    homophobe haters are one of my biggest pet peeves too.

    Sweet Iced Tea, August 15th, 2009 at 12:39:37am

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