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Ida Carlsson

Member since May 14th, 2006



Okey.. so this is were I´m gonna write about my self?

I´m Ida!!! woaa!
That´s one thing.. what should I write next?
Well I´m a dork.. a music dory mostly.. But also a Manga and Buffy/Angel dork..

gah! this is hard.. I dont know what to write..

I love to get a sugar kick! XD there is nothing like it! much better then alcohol.. you have more fun and you remember (mostly) everything weird you have done!
I also love to be weird.. to do stuff that no one eles does.. and I think that most people here are a bit weird.. (that´s why I love ino.. )

maybe some facts about me..?

1 okey.. for thoes who dont know my name is Ida and I´m 16 years old...

2 I live in Sweden.. which is the most boring country in the whole world!

3 I´m a music dork!! and I love it! Very Happy Music is what I live for! (watch my music list!

4 I LOVE (as Isaid before...) to get a really good sugar kick! there´s nothing like it!

5 I´ve got 106 posters of diffrent bands in my room... wooops.. nerd...

6 I was at the only My Chemical Romance consert in sweden... I still can´t shut up about it.. It was fucking amazing!! *faints* I was 3 meters away from Gerard Way!!! (see.. told you I can´t shut up...)

7 I HATE homophobes!!! and nazism... HOMOPHOBIA IS GAY!! and Nazism is just fucking stupid...

8 But something I love is friends.. *hugs all my friends* Couln´t live without them..

9 I cant spell english!!!!!!! XD

nowww.. muahaha!!
Avenged Sevenfold, Dir En Grey, The GazettE, From First To Last, The Used, (old)My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Lillasyster, Navid Modiri &Gudarna, Panic! At The Disco, Alkaline Trio, Aiden, Anti-Flag, Dresden Dolls,
oh! I know I like more bands...

[Hidden Track]

Girl, you must think that I'm crazy
But we all know you's a cutie
and you're all like, "Nuh uh boys don't wanna get with me"
Girl, please
I can see right through those
fake colored contacts
Your eyes ain't blue, I bet that hair's held by glue

Hey shorty, why you playing games
These games were played, the rules were made,
You dropped these names and now you got nothing to say

It's like an episode of cheaters
and I'm that dude with the gun
Hiding cameras in your bedroom
Girl, I know what you've done
I might be your baby's daddy
But that don't mean shit
When every dude on the block
Knows that you're a trick

Hey shorty, why you playing games
These games were played, the rules were made,
You dropped these names and now you got nothing to say

Uh, I'm not a rockstar but I still tend to rock hard
You trying to play games tease and trying to keep me rock hard
Trying to make me slap you and see me in a cop car
Catch me speeding in stock cars expecting me to stop hard
You playing with the mind of the craziest kind
Telling me how much you love me when I know that you're lying
You must be snorting lines if you think that I'm crying
You manipulating, backstabbing, cold, and kaniving
I went from last to first but this is first to last
I'm the major league playa you can kiss my ass, trick

(Drop it like it's...)
...Hot! Shake it like a salt shaker [x4]

Fuck [x4]
Fuck you [x13]

Okey... so that´s all from me for now.. Write something! Very Happy


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