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3 recommendations for a light pocket knife

From helping with a hunting or camping trip to actual professional applications, a pocket knife is one of the most versatile tools there is around. It’s no surprise that many people choose to carry one with them everyday for many purposes.

In this little guide, we shall explore what are some of the best quality pocket knives out there.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

Long fans of Benchmade are going to recognize this Mini Griptilian 556 knife as another fine addition to the long line of impressive products from Benchmade. And while aesthetics is often overlooked in favor of practicality when talking about pocket knives, the aesthetics of the knife must be discussed to truly understand this knife. After all, it is exactly because of the slick and modest design of this knife that’s what attracts and keeps people on using it.

Made from high quality American steel, this ensures the sharp edge of the blade retaining the top quality and endures through gruesome heavy damage. That also simultaneously means there’s less effort needed for maintenance when the knife goes awry. This should be good news for those who often neglect cleaning their knives; but if we’re going to be keeping our good pocket knives in our good shape then it’s still a good idea to keep their hygiene in topnotch quality.

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CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife

This stylish knife comes double as a very easy-to-use knife and a simple way for anyone to start flexing to their friends how prepared they are for anything. Complementing this design, the CRKT Squid has a simplistic looking appearance with an elaborated black stone-like coating on the handle. This entire light design is proof that this knife caters to only the utmost practical uses of a pocket knife unlike some other models of tactical knives.

The friction on the blade of this knife helps to secure the blade firmly in place when folding, ensuring perfect safety for its user. There’s also a frame lock for an extra layer of protection and assurance. In terms of durability, this one holds the sharpness of its edge among the best pocket knives in the world out there in its price range. Overall, this one is perfect for a simple everyday carry, and the pocket clip on its other end is further proof for its convenience.

Ontario RAT Folding Knife

If you need an option for a lightweight automatic knife, look no further. Because the Ontario RAT Folding Knife is an excellent choice that is going to fit your every need. Let’s start first with its portability: You can either carry it by clipping it to your pocket, or use a lanyard and carry it like a keychain knife. While the size of its lanyard hole isn’t the most perfect out there, the fact that the knife has it makes the knife among the best versatile among the top pocket knives.


The handle part of the knife is designed in such a way that it’ll provide plenty of support to make sure you have the firmest grip in order to open lids and boxes, bone fishes or any other application you can think of. The thin feature at the spine of the knife provides a surprising amount of additional support for you to further control the knife. These features are definitely going to amaze you, and make this knife a replacement for even the most expensive knife in your collection soon.

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A pocket knife is versatile with a myriad of applications surrounding it. There’s no denying that’s a handy tool to have around, and so we do hope that you have found your favorite pick in our little guide above.


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