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Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Member since August 14th, 2005


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My Name is Lizzy. [Not Elizabeth - Jamie seems to think so]

I'm going to be frank, and straight to the point.
I'm full of Sexual Inuendo
And Lame/Dirty Jokes.
I find beauty in the smallest of things.
I'm simple and perhaps a slightly confusing and/or a controversial person.
I cannot cross my eyes, or do loop my tongue.
I don't particulary care about most people in the human race, save those whom I love dearly, have befriended over the years and look up too.
I'm a nice person, should you chose to treat me right.
I particulary don't give a fuck if your an extremely judgemental person. That's your loss for being the dickhead who didn't want to know people past the myspace surface.
I like to Party.
Boys with Long hair and/or piercings and/or tattoos are quite attractive.
I have feelings and emotions too. Those who claim they feel nothing are lying. It's quite impossible to NOT feel anything. It's all part of being human.
I like to wear pants, enjoy reading, intellectual conversation and films/books/biographies and music which provide material to think upon.
I'm allergic to most dairy products.
Horror Movies don't appeal to me.
I DON'T like CATCHER IN THE RYE, nor do I jack off to it.
I CANNOT skate, sing, play guitar. I don't cut my wrists, nor do I follow a religion.
Sex is GREAT, I drink what I want, I smoke if I feel like it, and swear because no one can control MY LIFE but ME.
I'll love my friends to pieces.


  • G Way


    G Way, July 11th, 2008 at 12:43:33am

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