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addison, il... i<3chicago =D

Member since June 25th, 2006


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hmmm what to know about me...

-I live in the burbs of Chicago...(the best place in the world)
-I less than three music... I can't live with out it...
Currently Top Rated on my Ipod... figure these ones out! haha
*The original Fall Out Girl
*I blew up the Chemistry in My Romance
*I Panicked! At The Disco way before you even knew there was one...
*I bet you didn't know The Academy
*in the words of my friend Lucas "I'll Hush your Sound."
*i can't think of one for Paramore
*Don't Aim for ugly. Aim For Cute.
*Someone stole Sunday... So I'm Taking it Back.
*I was at The Starting Line...Somehow I was First... now I'm Last

and many others...
-People think I'm crazy because I LOVE FALL OUT BOY to death. Well too bad.
-btw... my life does not surround just FOB... there are more bands out there.
-I less than three confetti cupcakes.
-Chrissy and I spend hours in Hot Topic
-I'm falling in love with this bass guitar...I want it so bad but no dinero! =(
-Pete's words make me swoon hXc
-When I listen to my music, I go to a whole other world... the only place that I could call my own.
-Class of 2007!!!
-I miss my texan friends Matt and Tyler.
-I miss Blackwell..."These friends are, new friends are golden."
-I hate how people call me weird that I wear black nail polish. But when a popular person wears it at my school... it's a trend... just like fingerless gloves... =/
-Most importantly...I miss you hXc

-You say there's a body out there that's designed to fit perfectly with yours... maybe I'm that body. <3


  • patrick wolf

    "Don't Aim for ugly. Aim For Cute."
    haha thats good xD

    patrick wolf, April 15th, 2008 at 02:42:02am

  • pancholover13

    Fob is my life. But yea I know what u mean bout wearing something and ur called weird but if one of the so called popular kids wear it, its not weird anymore.

    pancholover13, February 7th, 2008 at 04:30:13pm

  • daniel radcliffe.

    I like your profile.

    I love Fall Out Boy too. :D

    daniel radcliffe., September 12th, 2007 at 09:10:46pm

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