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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living song meanings

I think this is about a man who goes around and murders select victims. With the lines :

"Another night and I'll see you
One other night and I'll be you
Some other way to continue to hide my face"

To me it seemed to about his man's struggle to continue hiding and killing people and then living their lives for a short while. And in the man's opinion he's doing them a favor in a way and feels that:

"It's better off this way...
And we'll love again and we'll laugh again
We'll try again and we'll dance again
and it's better off this way
So much better off this way"

I'm guessing the victims he's choosing lead lives without anyone close to them so he's taking their lives and doing what he can in the short amount of time to make 'their' lives better.

And in the end of the song when he is shot and he says "WE'RE all dead now" he's referring to the fact that all of the people he has killed are all really, truely dying at that moment. When he himself is killed all the people whose lives he has taken over are ending.

Second version

It ties in with the story about the man and satan and all that jazz. It's about the guy killing all of the people that he had to but I'm still trying to figure out how it's supposed to end.

"and we're all dead now" this line makes me think that maybe after he killed all 1000 people he found his girlfriend but she ended up being in hell with him? I'm not sure if someone was supposed to have killed her or the devil just played a trick on the guy and ended up having both of them dead.

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