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a perfect circle.

a perfect circle.
Danielle Smith

Member since August 27th, 2006


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i am my own person, i am my own mind, i am my own world, I'm my own universe
i find myself confusing most of the time, because not even i understand my own thoughts, my own words. i find myself either, lost in my own, or lost in someone else's. i tend to try and get in touch with someone's inner person, other than the one that you see everyday, the shy mask infront of the bashful person. i'm like most people, others think that i'm completely "different" from others, but to me i'm like every other girl out there.

i'm shy, i have my quite moments, my loud moments, my angry moments, and all the moments a person is supposed to have. i do care about my appearance and what others think of me, but i tend to get judged by the person you see everyday. not the one, where if you have a decent conversation with me, you'll see I'm just as thoughtful and worried-sum about life, just like everyone else. the outside person of me, usually looks angry, or sometimes completely intoxicated, but i'm merely lost in my own thoughts. a lot of things anger me, but i've learned and excepted the fact, the world will never change because of one thought, mind or person.

i've witnessed love, and i've witnessed death.
love is not only a feeling, it's an expression that one holds for something, a passion words cannot express. i've opened my heart to those who thought that, my heart was a toy, and instantly my heart closed itself going into it's own peaceful place where things can get back into par, and the hurtful tears, that roll down my face are wiped away. i am in love now, with a boy and neither of us, cannot express the joy and happiness we bring each other. Yes, he is older than me and he has accomplished and seen more, but he's sees something i can't see, but only his beautiful blue eyes can.

death is something that happens eventually in life, you can and cannot stop. i lost someone who i grew up with recently and it was a hurtful and painful experience. death is one thing, you do not want to witness, especially the way one's life ends. there's nothing much i can say about death other than, you never know when its your turn, when it's your life, that can just slip from under your feet, and disappear from the world forever. i cheated death as a child, and I'm not ready to see it again.

don't waste your life , life live to it's most powerful extents.

Band's I've seen live..
Saosin x2
Senses Fail
The Used
Attack in Black
30 Seconds to Mars.
& that's it so far.


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