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  • precious weapons.

    haha same here!
    aw damn! everyone's leaving ino! D:
    well if you decide to leave ino for good then PLEASE come back sometime soon! i hate it when people leave and never come back >.<
    haha but that sounds a bit like what i do too xD

    precious weapons., March 17th, 2010 at 03:44:55am

  • precious weapons.

    i know totally! when two minute noodles don't taste as good |: when i first saw the flavouring packets for mi goreng i was basically like :OOOO ;DDD

    yeah true, and bands splitting up and everything D: it's like the new generation of bands are coming in a replacing everyone.

    and have you left ino?! D:

    precious weapons., March 12th, 2010 at 03:26:47am

  • precious weapons.

    yeah! it was really amazing! the venue sucked though |: but they were really energetic! my friend went to fall out boy the year before and she said it was heaps better :L

    hahaha yes very inspirational! xP but it's true too, i mean there's like the people who say "i can't be bothered, i'll just fail" and then there's like the people who try and fail, but at least they tried
    /oh gosh, aren't we an inspirational duo xD

    yesyes it is! it's so unbelievably good! pretty much all the people at my school obsess over it. it's like the ultimate instant noodle <3

    aww! D:
    i heard about it on twitter too, i came home from paramore and i saw it. i really didn't expect bob to go. and i really would like to know why tbh ):

    precious weapons., March 7th, 2010 at 01:55:03am

  • precious weapons.

    sorry for the late reply! i've been kinda busy and i had paramore the day before! XD
    haha then you're really lucky! i always feel really bad for the kids that can't do anything and come last. always feel really really bad for them |:

    yeah we pretty much do as well haha

    so you guys love mi goreng in aussie too!

    omg bob |:
    i read the blog on their website and i was like WHAT?! WHY?!
    i really want a reason, even though i shouldn't pry ::tehe:

    precious weapons., March 5th, 2010 at 03:26:48am

  • precious weapons.

    wait what?! aww that sucks but that's seriously hardcore! i would seriously hate that, i'm not that sporty either xD we had to do that last year but they don't really care anymore, and they don't keep count anyway so we just skip it.
    haha i'm pretty sure we're not :L
    we started school at 5, how about you guys?
    yup we do xD kindergartens are so pointless though, it's just like a place to go and draw pictures hahaha

    omg i just read your list of things! mi goreng! it's soooo good xD lmao

    precious weapons., February 27th, 2010 at 02:58:17am

  • precious weapons.

    so it wasn't compulsory before?! that's nice! it's basically compulsory for us to go even though we're not swimming or doing anything. just for "house spirit" haha. there are fun activities too but that's pretty boring anyyway |:
    oh cool haha we're in the same year then XD
    so school there IS shorter DDD: but maybe you guys are all extra smart so the teachers cram more into your brains while we just take longer to proccess things :P

    precious weapons., February 24th, 2010 at 10:38:10pm

  • precious weapons.

    whooops sorry for the late reply! |: blame it on school! we've basically just had our swimming sports and athletics day....all that stuff they have at the beginning of the year haha

    hmm...well we do years over here, so i'm in year 10, which would probably be grade nine over there? how about you?
    bahaha no actually XD all the schools over here basically start at 8:15 8:30ish, but the primary schools all start at about 9. when abouts do you end though? because we end at 3 (please say you end later! XD)

    that sounds pretty sweet! (: have fun!

    precious weapons., February 19th, 2010 at 03:11:35am

  • precious weapons.

    it's okay (: homework already? wow we've only gotten a little bit so far. i haven't been on here much too |:
    yeah sounds about the same for us...first day back was basically just getting to know the teacher and getting our timetables and everything xD
    really? wow you guys start late as! yeah we start our classes at 8:30 and they expect us to be at school so we can get all our stuff ready at about 8:15 |:

    oh cool are you doing like a road trip round aussie? that sounds like mean fun (:

    haha same here! like self protection gear too XD

    precious weapons., February 6th, 2010 at 05:47:43pm

  • precious weapons.

    oh wow that's early! what time does your school start? haha how was your first day back? we start at 10 a.m on the first day so i think i'm all good for that, but when we settle back down to 8:30 then i think i'm pretty much screwed |:

    i know right! but still heaps of people have like all of those sites. like we're so technology reliant now and i've got so many social networks |: but this year for school we're going on like a camp thing for a month and we have to like cook for ourselves and stuff but there's no internet and cell phone coverage down there |:
    i don't even know how i'm gonna survive :L

    haha you could like use that as pepper spray against people then :L
    they never have to know it's disenfectant xD

    oh yeah well that sounds pretty awesome anyway! (:

    precious weapons., January 28th, 2010 at 05:07:19pm

  • precious weapons.

    it's alright! haha yeah same here, i've got a week till school starts! |:

    yeah i know right! all the people at school have moved onto facebook now and i hardly use it anymore either |: poor bebo, it needs a new generation of users.

    oh right haha geez have you gotten it in your eye?! i think my friend had the gel for when she got her ears pierced last year.

    oh really? that's so awesome!
    oh happy australia day for the day before yesterday! /late sorry. how was it? did you do anything special for it?

    precious weapons., January 26th, 2010 at 11:25:43pm

  • precious weapons.

    bebo's being gay and not letting me see it D: it's saying that it's "taking a break"
    but in the pic on your profile it does look pretty silver too (:

    haha yeah, so is it just disenfectant when you clean it? nothing too hard or scary? ugh sometimes getting holes in your body is so complicated.

    yeah true, so it'll be pretty muggy there i guess. but aussie is just hot in general (: like rn it's only about 25 degrees but it's already like really hot and we all have trouble sleeping cos of the heat |:
    but i guess you would get mega tanned over there XD

    precious weapons., January 18th, 2010 at 02:25:17am

  • precious weapons.

    yeah true, haha because i got a cut when i fell off a tree last year [i know it was so stupid :L] and then i went swimming the next day, and it really stung, but it healed really fast. but i think it'll look really awesome swimming with it since it's blue :3
    yeah thats' true, then you could consider all the pros and cons and see if it's really worth it and stuff

    ahhh i don't think i could ever survive over there haha. australia hot is like....boiling. i heard it's like boiling over in queensland? it kinda sounds like what happened over here...the weather's been really unpredictable and weird this year...

    yess it's so free and nice! same with green i think xD

    precious weapons., January 13th, 2010 at 05:11:15pm

  • precious weapons.

    oh pwefth that's good then haha. mm but i suppose if you went swimming at the beach then the saltwater would be good for it too? yeah it would totally suck if you could never go swimming with it...that would be such a bad con. is it really hot over there too? cos i heard it's reached to about mid 30s there ! :O

    oh that's awesome XD i love the colour blue; it's so natural and reminds me of the sea =3
    haha that makes me REALLY want to get my nose pierced now

    precious weapons., January 12th, 2010 at 02:51:31am

  • precious weapons.

    oh wow that's a long time! haha i'm pretty sure this is a myth but someone said you couldn't go swimming with them in because it'll infect it or something? and since it's summer |:
    oh wow yeah that'll be hard if its just a tiny stud. could you choose like what it looked like before you got it?
    same haha but i srsly wish there was a less painful way of getting stuff done sometimes

    precious weapons., January 10th, 2010 at 09:33:56pm

  • precious weapons.

    oh wow twelve weeks?! that's ages! aren't ears just like 1 to 2 monthes?
    i'm pretty sure you can, cos i saw someone on tumblr saying they took their nose ring out to clean and stuff but idk i'm not sure aye
    haha yeah that will be a bit weird though, but i bet your grandchildren will think it's awesome XD
    *shudders* i wish there was a less painful way of getting piercings because they look soooo awesome but it's like no pain no gain l:

    thanks (:

    precious weapons., January 9th, 2010 at 03:21:22am

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