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I'm Sana =]

I'm 14. I turn 15 on the 8th April.
[Yes, I'm aware that's a day before Gerard Way's birthday, thankyou]
I'm a bit of a f*ck up. Well, a total f*ck up, tbh.
I make too many mistakes to count.
I keep thinking I'll learn from them.
Honestly_? I don't.

I'm not [and I repeat, not] one of those fans that are like in [love] with the band members to the point of obsession. I just owe a lot to those people, because their music helps a lot.
If you've been through shit, you'll know how important that is.

I love being with my real friends. The people that mean the world to me.

I'm pretty innocent. No drinking [mostly], no drugs, no smoking. I'm not easy like so many girls my age.

I'm very tempted to do thing I know I shouldn't...just for the thrill of it =D
That's not right is it?
Ah well, fuck that. I'm not right. I do what I want and it's going to screw stuff up for me one day. When that day comes ;; I shall embrace it with open arms. Haha

FavouriteColours: Black Pink & Red
FavouriteMovie: Saw Series
Likes: Screaming.Dancing.Singing.Writing
Hates: Being[Judged]

Add meh! I [love] to meet new people =]
I'm generally very friendly. Please don't let my weirdness put you off. I love doing stupid stuff. When I'm hyper, I will literally do anything.
That will get me into trouble one day.
Yeah. I am a bit =D

I'm not really waiting for the guy that's going to sweep me off my feet. He already came and he's already gone.
Shit happens.

Anyways, if you want to add me then please do so. But I warn you, I usually make a mess of introductions, especially if I actually want to talk to you.
Have I put you off?
F*ck you then =D *And I mean that in the nicest way possible.*

LoveYewAllMuchly <3


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