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Hell, Illinois

Member since November 11th, 2006


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+I'm Jessyka, spelled with a YK instead of IC get that into your head!

+I love the bands called Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, and Kill Hannah till death

+I love my friends

+I am a freak, but I am only a freak because I am obessed with rock music

+I live in a town that is boring as hell

+I have a cussing problem

+I play the guitar

+I write songs, poems, stories, anything you can think of!

+I am creative

+I am in a band with my cousin called The Undefined

+My cousin and I talk every week, we keep in touch

+I call Ambercrombie & Finch, Ambercrombie & Bitch [cause I hate it]

+My favorite word is Paramour, its got a ring to it

+I get bored easily

+I am hyper most of the time

+I hate all celebrties equally

+I have my ears pierced and thats it untill I'm eighteen

+I hope to meet most rock bands and singers that I like

+I love concerts

+If I was any animal I would be a Cougar, RAWR!

+If I was any song I would be "Wake me Up" By Evanescence

+Halloween is my favorite holiday,I dress up every year!Smile

+I hear about bands on WQLZ [radio] FUSE,and magazines

+I go to WJHS and in the eigth grade

+I like actual words! on email and comments, but I use them on Instant Messaging

+When I get older I want to be a Production Assitant, Radio Hostess, Rockstar, or a COMPUTER GEEK!

+I like techolgy

+I can't spell most long words!

+I think cheese, bunnies, and dogs are evil+

+I hate Bush and Kerry, their both dumbasses+

+My homes on the internet are Myspace, Vampire Freaks, Quizilla, I’m Not Okay. Net, and Xanga [in that order]+

+My parents are afraid of the people in Hot Topic+

+I am hyper most of the time, unless I am at my house or something tragic has happened+

+On weekends and during the summer I usually wake up from the ranging times of 12, 2, or 9 pm, for this my parents call me “The Vampire Jessyka”+

+I’m weird, a loser, and a dork, but you know you love me!+

+My nicknames are Jess, Jessy, punx80, Angel from Hell, DeathbatGirl1, Pearls_and_Chains, and Jessy-it+

+I like the band CKY, I think their fuCKYou symbol is pure genius+

+I like Warped Tour+

+I think Tre Cool, William Beckett, Syn Gates, Ray Toro, and Davey Havok are DAMN sexy! But that is just me+

+Sometimes I write like the British peoples:] +

+I like to wear long shorts, instead of short shorts+

+I have sleep issues, I can stay up all night long when I’m tired as hell, and not fall asleep till five am and wake up in a hour and thirty minutes later+

+I have three computers, and my laptop is my favorite one!:] +

+I like to use brackets instead of parenthesis [] +

+I have MSN messenger, if you want my email, just ask!+

+I can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare, depends if your nice or not+

+I think that British accents on guys are hot, and French accents are just plain creepy+

+Tom scares me+

+People send me pictures of bunnies, cheese, and dogs just to see me jump, scream, etc.+

+Spiders are cool… until they get on me+


+My lucky days are Halloween, and Friday the Thirteenth+

+My mom thinks I look a lot like Amy Lee [with black hair]and Liv Tyler[with brunette hair]+

+When I’m bored, I’m online, or beating up my brother+

+Before I die I plan to have about fifteen or twenty tattoos, and design ten of them+


+Look at my blogs if you want to know my accounts on other websites!!!+

+I do not have a favorite song, because I love too many+

+Whenever I write stories, they are always in first person view, its just easier that way+

+I do not see the point of being friends, unless you message, comment, or instant message me every once in a while+

+I think Brad Pitt is a dick+

+I am a picky eater+

+My favorite local bands are Funky Circus Fleas and Grim+

+I want to visit Canada and Russia+

+I want to move to Finland, or West Chester, Penn.+

+I like free things!+

+I collect buttons with really weird sayings/ designs on them and put them on my messenger bag+

+I like taking photos, I am in Photography Club at school+

+I can be a dumbass at times+

+My mom thinks I am possessed cause I like it when bands scream, and because I only listen to loud music+

+Easter is my least favorite holiday+

+I was born on April 18th+

+My favorite symbol is the heartagram+

+On Halloween 2006 I was a gothic angel+

+My favorite color is black+

+I can type really fast unless I am tired, sick, or just not paying attention+

+When I paint my fingernails they are usually white, black, red, or all the colors combined+

+My toenails are painted a combination of black and white, for piano keys. So when I’m bored I pretend their a piano and play them+

+I can be a camera whore when I am very bored and annoyed by everything+

+When I get headaches from listening to Heavy Metal I still listen to it+

+I like music videos, and music, but only rock music+

+I ABOLUTELY HATE Nickelback, and U2+

+I believed Ohio was for Lovers before Hawthorne Heights+

+This profile should be parental advisory cause I say shit, fuck, and other offensive words a lot+

+I enjoy hatemail!+

+I like the stoneage… on the radio+

+I stay up all night on weekends, cause I'm crazy+

+I can out cuss a salior+


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