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Georgia (yay im a state!)
cyanide central

Member since November 26th, 2006



hellooooooo everybody! i live amongst penguins with top hats... insult them and u deal with me! lol nah not really, i dont care if u insult them!

My fave bands are:
My Chemical Romance
Bullet for my Valentine
Avenged Seven Fold
Fallout Boy
Gym Class Heroes
Panic! at the Disco
Smashing Pumpkins
Marilyn Manson
30 Seconds to Mars
Son of Dork
Pink Floyd
The Used
T- Rex
Murder Dolls
Goodnight Nurse
The MIsfits

A pretty long list, i know...

ANYWAY! Bass guitars are awesome, thats why i play em', music rocks, thats why i love it, art owns my life, thats why i wanna be a tattoo artist. People suck, except for the MCR fans and the freaky people.

i like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... COWABUNGA! one time i jumped out of a tree, and hit my head real bad... it was funny!

ur probably wonderin wot this random person (me) looks like:

ive got black, short hair
im tall, 5"8 i think
i wear alot of black, cos bright things hurt my eyes
im pale
my eyes go freaky- ass colours, so i never know wot my natural colour is... but i think its hazel...

Spider man, Emily the Strange, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Pooh Bear are some of my best friends, along with Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frank.

I own the same skeleton gloves as Frank... be jealous or die...

I like skittles lots, and i always seem to have a spork with me o_O i think theres a conspiracy goin on

i think i should mention i have more to add, but right now i think ive confused u enough

oh... I LURVE YOU LYDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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    Wow. Are you a Bob girl now?
    Long time no speak hun.

    What's with that aye? haha.

    Well wanted to tell you I have...ahh...connections. I can't say over this. Too many things to ddeal with...I'll say in a PM okios

    Haha, remember my dillemma and issues with the word P.O.V.(but how I said it was pov)?

    Love ya Gee
    See I even remembered your nickname I gave you...after I thought that was a silly nickname for Gerard.

    MYCHEMICALPANSY-GEE, October 9th, 2007 at 12:11:38am

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