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Scott Andrew Cunningham
Davenport Iowa

Member since January 23rd, 2007


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When I think about music I see my life... My life revolves around music... I litterally breath music!!! I am a really good singer I dance but not really that much because I got made fun of a lot for how I dance.. I love to dirty dance and I like to grind and ragtop and shit but like I like to dance like a girl, that's the main reason why people made fun of me!!!
When I was 4 my mom and Dad were sent to jail for drug use. Me and my two sister's were taken away from my mom and me and my older sister Melissa were sent to Princeton and then after that than we lived in Buffalo and they were two girls who were in love and they treated me and my sister like shit and like if we did something little or not even really wrong and they would send us to our rooms without any meals for the rest of our nights. Then we were moved to Long Grove and that is when my other sister Amanda got put back with us because she was taken to her step mom's. That place was the best place EVER!!!! They treated us like we were their own and that's the way you are suppose to treat people.. But they were only a Temperary home and we got taken out of there and sent to bettendorf and we lived there for ten misserable years.. Then finnally something happened to me that caused me to finnally get out of that hell hole of a house... Now I live with my brother-in-law and my sister Melissa in Davenport and I am 16 yrs. old and my life couldn't be better except for a little relationship problems and little things so yeah that's the end of my stupid little sob story!!!!


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