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sou kanarazu atta

sou kanarazu atta
Austin "shelvis" Knight
In the cold land of Michagan

Member since January 27th, 2007


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I am 15 go to a catholic school and play bass. I love anime my favortie is Nartuo by a long shot. I got into MCR around '04 and they bascially help me get on the track to mending my life they denfenitly are one of the major factor's why I am still on this earth.I am a bass player and I one day hope to play in band with some friends even if we never get famous it would still be fun. My favorite MCR song has to be Teenagers ,followed by Dead! ,and bringing up the rear Vampiers will never hurt you. I am also really in to movies basically anything by Tim Burton I love;excpet Charlie in the Chocalte factory. My favorite movie is probily The Nightmare Before Christmas, then Corpse Bride, and Little Miss Sunshine because it is just too funny not to like. Some other anime I like is Trigun,Cowboy Bebop,Trintiy Blood,Bleach, Outlaw star,Voltron,Gundam,Zoids,and Eureka seven. Some other bands I listen to are Flyleaf, Eyes set to kill, The Killers, AC/DC, The Used, Yellowcard, and Chiodos just to name a few. Some video games I play are Halo2, Ninja Gaiden balck, Super smarsh bro, and Soul Calibuer.I also read books, some the books seris I read are the Eragon seris, the Baretuimus triology, and Harry Poter. Some books I read are "Thristy" and "Differnet Colors"So that is me Austin"shelvis"Knight normal movie loving, anime watching, music listening book reading,cool guy ... and I play video games alot too.Remember Unmei ni todoke.

^ I don't love you video

^Funny emos,P.S. I like emos this is just funny


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