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Golden Cat

Golden Cat
Earth. Not Mars, Earth.

Member since February 9th, 2007



Random crap about me..

x.My favorite movie is Titanic, or possibly Pursuit of Happiness.. Drama movies are so awesome!
x.My hair is naturally brunette and curly, i didn't do anything to it. *triumphant smile* Aren't you jealous?
x.The best cartoon is either Naruto Shippuden, Chobits, or Azumanga Daioh. OH yeah, and The Breakfast Monkey is awesome, too.
x.My favorite show is probably That 70's Show.
x.I actually like to read quotes.
x.I read Wikipedia to pass time when I'm bored.
x.I'm pretty hyper sometimes, or if I want to be.
x.My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Relient K, and Alice Nine.
x.I draw manga when I'm extra super bored, or if I'm feeling very artistic. I'm pretty good at it, too.
x.Singing J-Pop and J-Rock is one of my hobbies.
x.I love painting my nails.
x.I love reading stuff on
x.I love everything Japanese, in fact I speak a little of it. (Hai, minna! Anata wa urusai desu! Watashi wa tensai desu! YAY! Hajime mashite?)


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