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Liverpool, England

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Im catherine/cath/what ever you like really i wont take offence! Im 22, god that seems old, in my head i maintain the fact that i am 17, i am not mature in the boring sense and never intend on being, plus the fact that i look about 16 also helps this!

I love mcr big time, my entire life revolves around them. I met the guys twice, which was a total honour, once at leeds festival and again at the Liverpool gig! They were the most amazing days of my little life!

Me meeting MCR at Leeds Festival

Frank outside the Liverpool gig

Us by the tourbus!

I just got my degree in Applied Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University last year and now im working as a support worker, which basically involves going into peoples homes and helping them out with things they cant manage anymore, so thats everything from helping them have a bath and get dressed to cooking and helping them eat!

Im slightly random, crazy, and mental, but show me someone who isn't, i think thats impossible!

MY BOYFRIEND AND MY BEST FRIEND MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME - they are like a blessing on my life and I try to never ever take them for granted and I like to remind them of how important they are to me every single day.


MCR create amazing songs, with amazing lyrics that we can all identify with on some level. I think Gerard Way is one of the most inspirational people on earth, he gives us all strength to know that no matter how we feel "were not in this alone" and we never will be, he showes us that you can go through great traumas in your life and still come out on top, and this is what keeps me going every single day,

-When i think im not good enough,
-When nothing goes my way,
-When i think i've had enough of life,
-When I see no place left for me in this world,
-When the pain feels like it is just too much to bear
-When I feel like no one could ever understand me

MCR are there to save me, every step of the way. I love MCR because they give a lot of people a lot of hope, their music inspires people to push through the hard times and cherish the good, they and their music DO SAVE LIVES, and for all the non believers (because I have come accross a few) IT IS SCIENTIFIC PROOF that music can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, its documented throughout psychiatric and medical journals, so there! hehe

Favourite Song and Album...

Its so hard to pick my favourite song by mcr, i love them all in their own way, so i have two joint favourited and they are DESERT SONG and SKYLINES AND TURNSTYLES, they are both so deep and meaningful, and contain my two favourite lyrics:

"...Your not in this alone..."


"...We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith..."

So going from that you have probably guessed that my favourite album is bullets!

Things I LOVE and HATE about INO...

INO is such an AMAZING place, I love all of the great friends I have made here, I love the fact that if anything mcr-related happens, everyone on INO hears about it instantly, which is pretty awesome! I love the fact that people feel safe to come and share their problems and fears. INO allows people to explore their creative sides, to share something with the world, and thats why I come here every single day....

with love there always comes hate right? Its a strong word, maybe more things I dislike about INO.

Mainly it is the small mindedness of a handful of the users, and mainly it all comes down to this....

I hate it when people try to put others down, by saying their problems are trivial, by saying that if they were "really depressed/sucidal" that music could not save them, because that my friends is the real bullshit! I have a psychology degree and i know the FACTS.

What makes one person feel dispare and want to end their life, could be an every day occurance for another person which doesnt bother them.


What makes one person want to hurt/kill themselves might seem completly stupid to someone else, but its not stupid and id like you to try and remember that next time you want to put someone else down because you think they have nothing to complain about. Depression can and does affect every single type of person in different ways and occurs for many different reasons

THIS is a link to my myspace page feel free to add me, im always happy to make new friends especailly those of the INO kind!


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