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The Blood Stand (New York City

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Arty and MCR are forever synonymous.

Where the fuck to begin?
I live in New York City. I'm a huge Mets fan, thank you very much. To be quite blunt, Yankees fans are huge jerks. (mostly) I like to watch TV, go on the computer, write songs, and draw stuff.

My Chemical Romance|Rock music in general|baseball|The New York Mets|The Umbrella Academy|Ethnic cuisine|Band T-shirts|french fries|ballet|Jon Stewart|Stephen Colbert|Mad TV|Saturday Night Live|The Simpsons|South Park|funny movies|my awesome cat|My Pet Goat|AIM|Macs|iPods

Maroon 5|Kid Rock|Carlos Santana|The New Jerk Yankees|Ppl who tak lik tis! LOL!|Annoying people|the majority of LynZ haters|Buzznet hierarchies|MSN|PCs

My Chemical Romance|Green Day|AFI|Linkin Park|Red Hot Chili Peppers|Fall Out Boy|Paramore|Sex Pistols|The Clash|Ramones|The Velvet Underground|Pink Floyd|U2|Led Zeppelin|The White Stripes|The Kinks

My Chemical Romance
My anti-drug. My source of happiness. My best friend. It's hard to explain, but MCR fans will understand. There is such an amazing connection between fans and the band. Not only at CD signings, meet and greets, and concerts. Just by listening to their music, you feel a warm, fuzzy feeling. Like someone is there for you. Like you can relate to them. Like the words that are sung speak, not only for MCR, but for me. Do you think MCR are the only ones who are compelled to carry on after hearing that song, because it relates to them?

"A band that deals so much with fiction and mythology and worlds that don't exist...People could end up living in those places in their heads too much and develop relationships in their heads that they have with you that don't exist."
--Gerard Way


  • I Like Rusty Spoons

    hahaha i LOVE that picture with gerard and that thing on its shoulder hahaga its so cute!!

    I Like Rusty Spoons, November 12th, 2007 at 07:14:22pm

  • Thank You; Mr. Way



    Thank You; Mr. Way, November 1st, 2007 at 08:10:21am

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