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Skittles factory

Member since September 30th, 2007



holy shit hieee everyone nice to be back, well isnt this place all fine and dandy, just goes to show that even with the life of myself around the world just goes on, how wonderful. Then again if i wasnt here who would spred the word so Skittles, or PUTITIN!!!! woooooot andy ways glad to be back and holy fuckcilcles (didnt spell that right) i missed this place but the #1 person i missed on here was my girl shandra. And for anyone that is reading this know that she belongs to me muahhahahahhahahha......................................... nothing huh well fine be like that >P. and ahhh yeah im not gonna be on that often but ill give it my best, i have a really bad case of commitment issues but ill try my hardest to adress them and its all for you my girl. Love you and think of you always, without you life wouldnt be the same.

I mean it, until the day you text me i had everything spiraling out if control, even though i said everything was fine, but have known that you were still there made my day and will make the rest of my life.


  • tabitha

    Hey puddin' -- good to know you are feeling better!

    I've been in Florida for almost 8 years and in that time it's never snowed where I am (Orli/Kiss) but we have some frost and we've had hail. I think northern FL may get flurries but not us. I have to travel up North to get snow.

    Maybe you could send some to me! :)

    tabitha, November 6th, 2007 at 01:53:48am

  • tabitha

    Hey sweetie, we spent Halloween amassing 10 lbs of candy....tasty! Sorry to hear you're feeling poopy again! Get well soon!

    tabitha, November 4th, 2007 at 09:58:33am

  • tabitha

    Hey there, just poppin in to say hi and hope you are feeling better!

    tabitha, October 28th, 2007 at 02:09:12pm

  • Cola Whore

    well im gonna be wearin dis black skirt, white shirt red tie nd black flat shoes with white socks nd im gonna be covered in blood!!!!
    its gonna be kewl!!!
    hmm yes kewl...i can never find ears anywhere!!!
    </3 ya

    Cola Whore, October 27th, 2007 at 09:57:47pm

  • frank iero freak

    im cool. u not drunk today lol

    frank iero freak, October 27th, 2007 at 08:19:38pm

  • Cola Whore

    lol Smiley
    a cat cool=]
    im goin as an evil schoolgirl Smiley
    </3 ya

    Cola Whore, October 27th, 2007 at 06:02:51pm

  • Blackroses_MCR27

    Dude you know my other bff Rachel that is sooo kewl!!! yay!!! I hope you people get along!!! it would break my little heart to know you two didnt get along!!! (sad face) I love you@!@

    Blackroses_MCR27, October 26th, 2007 at 08:38:09pm

  • Cola Whore

    im goin trick or tretin 2!!! Smiley
    im goin to dress up as an evil school child=]
    wat bout u?????
    im curious Smiley

    Cola Whore, October 26th, 2007 at 06:40:00pm

  • frank iero freak

    hey hey how r u?? hope that u r feeling better today.

    frank iero freak, October 26th, 2007 at 12:15:18pm

  • Cola Whore

    u are soo lucky!!!
    im cryin in a corner now...its not fair!!!!
    so u doin nyfin nice on halloween??
    </3 ya

    Cola Whore, October 24th, 2007 at 10:49:14pm

  • Cola Whore

    aww hope u get better Smiley
    everyfin WILL get better Smiley
    not up to much...jst mad at my parents coz dey wont let me go to a party Smiley Smiley

    Cola Whore, October 24th, 2007 at 05:58:48pm

  • Cola Whore

    oh kay...ill PUTITIN....
    so how are u???

    Cola Whore, October 23rd, 2007 at 10:34:05pm

  • Cola Whore

    oh nd this might sound like im stupid but wat do u mean by "puitin"???

    Cola Whore, October 23rd, 2007 at 06:03:53pm

  • frank iero freak

    im cool thanks. how r u? r u feeling better? and take care of yourself. wot u bin up 2??

    frank iero freak, October 23rd, 2007 at 04:46:46pm

  • Cola Whore

    thank yhoo 4 axeptin my friend request Smiley
    so how are u???
    </3 ya

    Cola Whore, October 21st, 2007 at 01:48:23pm

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