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Kris {scruffy the janitor}

Member since February 29th, 2008



Someone once told me that music was background noise. I said, "Yeah, the soundrack to your life."


See that man up there?
That's Mikey Way.
He is also my savior, my inspiration, and my everything.
Mikey is the reason I wake up every morning. He is my reason for living.
Whenever I feel like I can't go on anymore, he gives me the will to carry on.
I know what I'm saying may sound powerful, but in reality, there are no words wonderful enough to describe how much I truly love him.
Mikey will forever hold the key to my heart.♥

Rae on drugs with, Rae, me, and Joey[<--- Click their names.]
Rae=Ho/Addict/Prostitutional Addict

Me and Claire [<--- Click on her name.]

Me: Haha totally.
You killed MIKEY!
Son of a bastard! XD

Claire: Son?!?! Since when did I have a dick?! XD
D8 I know. But a God must do what a God's gotta do.

Me: xD Fine.
Are you happy with your vagina? XD

Claire: YES.
I am happy with my vagina!
Aren't you happy with yours? XD

Me: No! It's injured. It fucking bleeds!

Sharpest Lives: Me
Joey Moncada: Joey[<--- Click his name.]

Joey Moncada: That's what she said.
Sharpest Lives: That's what he said.
Joey Moncada: That's what she said he said
Sharpest Lives: Pft. He told me that that's what she said he said. But she lied.
Joey Moncada: She told me he said she would say he said that, so she said he said it though he said she said it, but he was lying, so whatever she said he said he never said
Sharpest Lives: That's what he said.

Holly -[<--- Click her name]

Holly: that's what she said

Me: xD He said she'd say that.

Holly: he was wrong about what she said because that's not what she really said but only what she told him :]

Me: But given he told her that so he still said it. And what if he said to you that he never said it to her, but he lied to you by saying that he never said it when all he said was what she said. How much you wanna bet she said, "That's what she said" and that's what caused him to say that and lie about it. Cuz Oh yeah. I Just said that.

Holly:dude O.o
I'm seriously speechless... and laughing sooo hard right now xD
You've got me beat xD


  • Midnight Madness

    Hi hun.
    I haven't been on in forever.
    So what's up with you?
    Anything new going on lately?
    Oh and I edited my page so it isn't as long.
    It also wont take forever to load.

    All my love,
    Zan <3<3<3

    Midnight Madness, December 27th, 2008 at 03:59:56pm

  • Cereal Killer


    Cereal Killer, December 5th, 2008 at 06:14:15pm

  • Teach Me To Drown

    hello dear xD
    how are you?

    Teach Me To Drown, November 30th, 2008 at 02:14:39pm

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