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in a van down at the lake ;)

Member since September 3rd, 2008


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[color=Chartreuse] I'm 13, an of course an MCR fan (if i wasn't, why would I be here?)

I'm a shortie.. only 5.2
I think I'm bi... But I'm rather confused right now.
I hate the frikin emos who give MCR a bad name!
Skinny jeans are not emo... preps and goths wear them too!
Wearing layers isn't emo, it's 70's
Eyeliner isn't emo, only when you put a ton of it on
have "xx" on both sides of my e-mail isn't emo (Who judges someone on their e-mail anyways!/?)
Emos don't hate emos.. So I'm not emo!
oh, and punching walls isn't emo either... and I've only done it once.. broke two of my nuckles, and they hurt still, if i write for more then an hour,

I like poetry.. I write it, and I love Poe and my friend Joshs poetry the bestest.. Josh has wicked cool poetry.. you can read it here:
you can read mine here:

I like to express myself.. I started with a bit of 90's emo, and took some things away, added some of my own, now I like to call my style "Mixed Emotions" LOL... Coz if I'm happy, I'll wear bright colors.. If i'm a feeling down, I wear grey and dark blue..

I made this earings, and I wear them because my mom hates them:

MCR pretty much saved my life (bou to kill myself, heard a few songs, stopped myself) but I'm NOT a teenbopper... some adults said i was a teenybobber for being all into MCR, and it took me a while to figure out what a teenybopper is..hee hee... A teenbopper (ha ha...funny word) is someone who likes the band because "Ohh... Gerard and Franky are SO sexxy! Oh, I have this little dream of playing with Rays fro, and OGM! Have you seen Bobs lipring? Wait? What's Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge? Oh... No, I only like the song Welcome To The Black Parade? Why? Coz everyone else does!" NO! I'm more of "I love the band coz they MEAN something. Not because Ray has a fro (my brother has a fro... he's white.. You don't see me playing with HIS hair, do you?) I love the band because they aren't fake, like other bands. They don't wear black to look all "emo" they wear black because their rockers! All rocker do!"
Oh and another thing, Why is MCR called emo??????? I'm not an emo, but when i look around at other MCR fans, Their all freakin emo! what the heck? [color=Chartreuse]


  • jared leto.

    Labeling people is simply sick.
    Wen I was at a school dance last year, my friends and I headbanged to WTTBP
    and then the other kids started making a wrist cutting motion.
    No matter what, self harm is not a joke

    jared leto., September 26th, 2008 at 11:53:54pm

  • jared leto.

    Im sorry but I find that comment you made in your profile very offensive to other mcr fans.

    Oh and another thing, Why is MCR called emo??????? I'm not an emo, but when i look around at other MCR fans, Their all freakin emo! what the heck?

    Unless if someone says they are emo or whatever. Its in very poor taste to label people.

    jared leto., September 25th, 2008 at 09:21:07pm

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