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There are a million things I could say about myself. I could divulge my darkest secrets on this screen; I could rip open my chest, and, with dark crimson pouring down my body in rivulets, expose my beating heart. I could point out its flaws; the gaping holes where people have so fiercely and cruelly attempted against it. Still it beats, however, strong and steady, nestled between my bones, protected by my cracked sternum. It survives, though my mind has been inked.

I could show you my mind; that wondrous mind of mine! I could show you page upon page of memories, of thoughts, of feelings and emotions my mind harbors on blood-stained books. I could reveal to you the secret confines of my mind; show you the dark trains that visit me and send me spiraling into the black night. I could show you the bright stars glinting in that dark that rescue me, bringing me back into a peaceful sleep.

I could but I won't. Why relive pain for the entertainment of others? Why sacrifice myself like gladiators pitting themselves against hungry lions for the sake of others having the knowledge? There is no reason to rip out my heart and lay it, like a map, for others to see. I shall reveal parts of myself when the time comes.

For now, though, my mind will remain shrouded in mystery, fiercely protected by the bones of my skull. My heart will remain beating steadily behind my sternum and ribs, beneath my skin. My hands will continue feverishly grabbing at pens and pencils. I will translate everything onto paper and hope that when I'm gone, everyone can have a full understanding. My name is Jennifer and I am alive.


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